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I am quite fond of reading Samuel Pepys’ journal as entries in my blog feed. It struck me that I might read Woolman’s journal in a similar fashion. There is something about experiencing entries in the actual time scale that adds even more meaning to the content. In particular, as Woolman’s work is often held up as an example of Friendly process, experiencing the story unfold over time may be a meaningful study journey. However, unlike Samuel Pepys’ journals, the book known as Woolman’s journal is more of an autobiography.

Skimming this evening, i note John Woolman’s life was from 1720 to 1772. It seems the bulk of the journal is perhaps, 1757 to 1762, a six year period. (Chapters 4 to 8). It’s not exactly a full year in each section, but travel narratives.

Still, it seems like it could be crafted into a paced narrative, filling in with other dated works. A very interesting contrast might be provided by the Earl of Chesterfield’s “Letters to His Son on the Art of Becoming a Man of the World and a Gentleman.” This has political content, may put the European War in context. John Wesley has a journal with more journal-like entries from this period as well. I note Wikipedia can assist a bit with period events.

I will think on this project some more.

Some rough notes about contemporary references….


I found this event of interest:
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1761 : September 19 – Slave trade to and within Portugal mainland is forbidden.

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