While not making physical creations…..

I’m finding my mind all taken up with setting up digital photo albums because i’ve a bunch of images not up, documentation requiring photos i want up, the lost scarf project, and a landslide of craft supplies and papers to file around my desk. It’s some sort of obsessive compulsive thing, i’m sure, so i’ll just move on to the links that have caught my eyes.

(I did end up with a bird feeder from a two liter bottle which created a use for the Dremmel. Hoorah!)


I’ve learned about bokeh, a quality of optics i suspect i need not worry about yet. I need to be able to hold my camera steady enough for the in focus part to not be blurry, first.

And here’s another simple book binding tutorial.


This reminds me that i am curious whether any photobook sites offer full bleed yet. One interesting aspect of this is that one could photoshop up some interesting collages appropriate for consecutive full bleeds. In particular, i’m thinking of a gift book of mail art (before we knew of mail art) that i’ve received from a friend over the years. (Do notes passed in English and science class count as mail?)

QOOP: full bleed mini books from Flickr, not what i had in mind.

This review recommends shutterfly.com for basic books — and they do have a nice neutral white layout and full-bleed pages. The recommendation for sharedink.com is slightly better quality. The author notes that, for the one time pro account payment of *cough* $120-something you can ftp photos to their server. *glow* I like that. The time saved over using some damn web upload form can easily be worth that. (Also, pros get more storage, and get more attentition to the printing, and, and…)

In looking around i also found viovio, which has a very different feel from the shutterfly.com soft covers. (It’s a photo cover.)

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