Today’s efforts

For LMAO2005.07: i’ve printed out a second run of AS2005.02 stamps. I used our bubblejet instead of the deskjet, and the colors are different. Options selected: Under “Quality & Media”- “printing tables and charts.” Under “Color options” – “print type: graphic” I’ve printed three sheets, and this is a new lay out as well. Each sheet has twelve sets of the six denominations.

I’ve done a little more experimenting with the colorless blender transfer technique to create a simple postcard, FM2005.16, for Deni_zen. I did one transfer half on-half off a standard photograph, which seemed to work OK. I didn’t rub any, so there is some spottiness to the transfer. I’ve added cork stamping and glued on a sample of the original laser jet printing to make this a reasonable demo piece for the technique.

I finished up LMAO2005.06 with a pastiche of legislative analyst comments from the past special election.

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