To Dye For: Experiment #2

Yesterday i tested the same dye concentrates as in To Dye For Experiment 1, but many weeks older. The statements are that the concentrates keep their strength for a week, possibly longer if refrigerated.

I’ll admit i did not bring the dyes up to room (deck) temperature. Both the azure & the emerald should have better intensity with warmer water. I’ll admit, though, the azure is doesn’t need to be more intense.

A, B, & C are attempts at diluting the dyes to get a pale shade. The emerald C seems almost the same intensity as full strength I.

D, F, & H are from the previous dye sessions, as controls to see how the color changed with time.

G, the orchid, stayed close to true with time. E, the blue, lost its strength, which is actually quite useful. I, the emerald, seems to have not just faded but also drifted some. The emerald dyebath was the first yesterday, so i don’t think it’s a contamination issue.

A, G, & I are also attempts at "faux ikat dyeing," inspired by Linda La Belle’s The Yarn Lover’s Guide to Hand Dyeing.

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To Dye For: Experiment #2

To Dye For: Experiment #1

Another experiment was with overdying a Christmas ombré color mix of some old skein of sugar and cream cotton yarn.

To Dye For: Experiment #2

I also dyed green a tank top and lace top for my sister. The lace had some places where only blue took, not all the green. Christine thinks it looks interesting, i think it looks stained.

I dyed one of my Stevens Creek trail shirts: i’d put it in the blue dye, distracted by how warm it was on the deck. Eventually i realized the blue was for another shirt and i hadn’t yet added the soda, so i squeezed out the blue and poured on the orchid. The blue is pleasantly pale with an irregular pattern of the purple. It’s fun, different from Christine’s.

I also dyed a thrift store shirt azure, trying to keep one layer masked off. It didn’t work well: i blame that partly on wetting the shirt long before i dyed it, so the masked off area had a long time for water to seep into the mask. Once the water seeped up, i should think they dye would follow more quickly.

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