To Dye For 2010: Initial Planning


I’ve purchased three remaindered white 100% cotton jersey cardigans from Lands End and have an order to Dharma in my queue for t-shirts and a dress to pair with the cardigan. My dye choices from last year are rather bright and bold: and i realize i’ve yet to experiment with the brown and red dyes to see how they behave.

This weekend i spent some time with Photoshop and some random models from the web to see how my color choices might play out. I’m not entirely sure i would wear the brown-purple cardigan over the green and red shells, but i have an idea of what it might look like now. I also must recognize that if i were to over dye the brown purple with the green, i’d end up with something different from the emerald. I can’t be sure that the colors will simply be an translucent blend as with photoshop: my experiments with acrylic pigments have given me a good sense for how pigments don’t mix the same way the colors of light do.

Then there’s the way the dye takes to different fibers: depending on how the cotton has been treated the color may take with a vibrancy or a more faded tone: last year’s yarn experiments with mercerized cotton crochet thread and cotton yarn show the variations behind the cut.

No matter how “unexciting” one-tone dying is, i think i will make a simple red twin set and green twin set just for practical use. … I note that the low water immersion method i’d use is doesn’t exactly produce “simple,” and perhaps by the time i get to the green i’ll be more ambitious.

Then i’ll get adventurous with the brown purple pairing: this is because i have a variety or purple tops already (some of which are faded and i’ll experiment on as well), and some brown clothing items, so trying for a sophisticated multi dye process with this palette will be a pleasant adventure.

After the cut, the beginning of my 2010 dye plans, to be updated over the next few weeks.


Dark cardigan over light shell seems to be the right choice.
Multitone cardigan & simple shell.
“Neutral” brown on top and color at base of multi toned cardigan.

To Dye For: Experiment #1
To Dye For: Experiment #2

To Dye in 2010

TDF-01. (3) Women's Regular Rib-knit Button-front Cardigan - 19605-46Q7, White, XL - $14.99 each cotton jersey [a: DWE 1; b ; c ] DHARMA Order placed 2010-04-13
The first three are rinsgspun cotton jersey. [DWE 2 ; ? ; ] TDF-02. Feminine Fit Softee - #FFS, XL - $5.32 Pair with TDF-01a TDF-03. Feminine Fit Softee V-Neck - #FFSVN, L - $6.36 Pair with TDF-01b TDF-04. Fem Fit Softee Tank - #FFST, XL - $4.93 Pair with TDF-01c
TDF-05. [DWE ?] Jersey Princess Dress - #JPDSS, XL - $19.95 Pair with at least one of the TDF-01
TDF-06. [DWE 1] (2) Rayon Short Sleeveless Dress - #BR4, 2XL - $19.50 ea Nightgowns, in complementary dye patterns
TDF-07. [DWE ?] Ladies Tank Tops - #LTTA, L- $5.55 This is a "just in case" item: if the ringspun cotton the softees clashes terribly with the TDF-01, this might not. Otherwise, gift? TDF-08. [DWE ?] Dharma Camisole Extra Long - #DCAMEL, 3X - $6.60 This is a "just in case" item. If i find a top that needs the coverage, I'll have a camisole at hand Already At Hand TDF-09. [DWE 1-2] Tan jeans TDF-10. [DWE 1] Purple cotton cardigan (faded) TDF-11. *Purple longsleeve top with ruffled edge (faded) 100715: can't find TDF-12. [DWE 1] *New purple longsleeve top with tea ring (*head desk*) TDF-13. Pam's yarn TDF-14. [DWE 1] *Christine's green cotton sweater TDF-15. [DWE 1] Misc set #1: hot pad, undies TDF-16. Pink cord slack, size 12, with brown stains TDF-17. White shorts with brown spot* bleached spot out TDF-18. White T with faded Friends School motto TDF-19. Un altered white Men's shirt TDF-20. Aqua strech capri leggings TDF-21. Faded black denim shirt TDF-22. 12 cotton handkerchiefs TDF-23. Old purple 20% cotton sweater Christine TDF-24. Faded black shirt TDF-25. Yuletide cotton yarn * not in the dye box Yarn Hanks Needed (2009 plan)
Mercerized: TDF-Y01. [DWE 1] dk (red|brown), md (red|brown) lt (red|brown) TDF-Y02. dark (red|brown), light (red|brown) (ikat) TDF-Y03. [DWE 2] dark green, week 1 -- this should be a very large hank TDF-Y04. [DWE 1] tri-tone red brown purple TDF-Y05. [DWE 2] tri-tone green brown purple TDF-Y06. quad-tone red, purple, green with brown
Silk (Shoe) Ribbon: [DWE 1, 2] red sample, week 1 & week 2 [DWE 1, 2] brown sample, week 1 & week 2 [DWE 2] green sample [DWE 1, 2] purple sample, week 1 & week 2 blue sample, week 1 & week 2 -- samples as small flower & leaf motifs?

Dye Weekend (DWE) 1: red, brown, purple (recipes here.)

* Loose scrunch and dye
	* TDF-14 - brown
	* TDF-10 - purple
* Manipulation & tray dying experiment with over-dying the three purple clothing 
	items TDF11-12: more manipulation 
* Dye TDF-09 jeans brown, over-dye with purple [over-dye could be left for the 
	next weekend]
* TDF-13 -- checked with Pam: purple, and left overs
* TDF-Y01, TDF-Y04
* red, brown, & purple silk samples
* TDF-06 a & b:
	shibori beans diagonally and two tone dye red-brown & brown red
	corn or potato starch over dye in purple (could be done the next weekend)

Dye Weekend (DWE) 2: week old red, brown, purple; new green

* Over-dye TDF-09 jeans purple, if was left for this weekend
* Over-paint starch on  TDF-06 a & b nightgowns, if left for this weekend
* TDF-Y02, TDF-Y03
* TDF-Y05
* week 2 red, brown, & purple silk samples
* week 1 green silk samples
* TDF-01a & pair: both shell and sweater in a light green dye bath, all over loose scrunched. 
	Overdye TDF01a in dark green dyebath

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