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Amaryllis and other bulbs

Sunday, October 17th, 2010

I’ve been growing an amaryllis in our worm bin for the past year. It’s probably been there six months, so i’m going to follow kdjoergensen’s instructions at Dave’s Garden and harvest the bulb. The gardener writes, “3-4 months later the flower scapes will appear” and then, once it is repotted, “it will typically flower within 3-5 weeks.”

I also bought a Red Lion amaryllis at the hardware store this past weekend. Looks like if i want it as a mid to late December bloom I should plant it mid November.

The other bulbs are from Van Zyverden Mammoth Yellow Crocus (12 bulbs ; plant 2″ deep), Hyacinth Carnegie (white, 3 bulbs; plant 6″ deep), and Daffodil Cheerfulness (double pale yellow , 5 bulbs; plant 6″ deep). There’s a size on the packages. The crocus says 3.1″-3.5″, the hyacinth 5.5″-6″ — maybe this is the size of the bloom? It isn’t the bulb size or the height.

I bought the hyacinth and daffodils for forcing. I’ve a forcing pot for five bulbs. In looking for a simple guide to how long i should allow for the bulbs to start, i found a few notes that gave me pause: 14-16 cold weeks? In pots? At least this guide for water forcing says the bulbs can be kept cold in bags. This guide makes it sound even easier. I found a note that says, “after resting they typically bloom in three to five weeks.”

Looks like if i should just put some bulbs in a bowl every four weeks. I’ve put the hyacinths and daffodils in the fridge so they’ll have six to eight cold weeks, at least.