Sproutings & fruitings & buddings

During a quick watering this morning, I noticed the Moulin Rouge sunflower seeds, planted abbout a week ago, have sprouted. The root end has pushed out and propelled the still shelled seed out of the dirt. The colors are red and black — little green. It looks a bit alien.

The calendula has sprouted quite a bit in the ginger planter, but hardly in the sunflower planter. I’m beginning to suspect that the ginger is in a slightly warmer position that the three other planters — i’ll move them tonight. I’d thought the deck wall was causing shade, but it shades the afternoon sun, not the midday sun. I suspect the current location of the two veggie planters gets less intense light.

The tomato plant has one green tomato on it — amazing!

The lemon tree is about to burst into blossoms — i’ve been watching the buds for over a week.

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