Slowing the drying of acrylics

I need a fine mister, i think, although the glazing liquid* looks like it might be useful.

* Item # 9253605 $7 16oz

See the Just Paint article on Acrlyic Glazing Liquid and the technical data.

From the technical note

To slow the drying of paints on glass or plastic palettes, use a small amount of retarder. About three to ten percent of GOLDEN Retarder will keep a mass of paint from forming a skin for up to six hours, depending on the atmosphere. Using excessive quantities of retarder, especially when working in thicker impasto, will leave the paint skin feeling like soft gum, as the glycol may not totally release from the film.

Some people prefer to lightly mist the paint on their palettes. This can be a very effective technique to provide more open time. A simple plant mister, easily obtained at a hardware store, may be filled with water (we recommend distilled or de-ionized) or a 10:1 water/retarder mixture for this purpose. Note again that excessive levels of retarder will result in a weakened paint film that remains sticky. Excessive spraying may cause colors to drip, or to stain the support in an undesirable manner.

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