Seeds planted

Only up to a brief stint in the garden, but the mild and beautiful weather calls for an examination of the growing things.

Parsley is thriving. The pansies have aphids. The Daisy-like shrub is blooming. Buds on the hydrangea (which i always think i have killed). It’s possible a tomato has survived, ditto the pepper. I cut those way back, though, and believe they might actually be gone.

The planters across the five gallon water containers may not be working. Some sagging. Could the water containers be leaking?

I trimmed back the lemon grass (aggressively).

From previously unopened “Renee’s Garden” seeds:
planter 1: Long standing spinach Summer Perfection (packed for 2005) & Container Chard Pot of Gold (packed for 2008)
planter 2: Fragrant sweet peas Perfume Delight (packed for 2008)

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