Ravens at Live Oak in Joshua Tree National Park

Ravens at Live Oak in Joshua Tree National Park

Originally uploaded by Elaine with Grey Cats.

I’ve the gigabytes of photos taken at Joshua Tree to go through, and some of these actually please me as a photographer. I am particularly delighted with a series of photos of a pair of ravens. I managed to catch some wonderful in flight images, they allowed me to be close enough that I could take photos with some detail — and the black birds on the sandy stone with the bright blue sky makes for powerful contrasts.

I think this is the best composition of the bunch, although other images capture wings and flight and other profiles.

I am a bit overwhelmed by the other photos. I am slowly sifting through, trying to identify when the image captures something well (documents a feature or the aesthetic of a contrast or the details from which i might identify a plant or stone).

Another challenge is with bracketed images. My bracket range was a little too large. I wish i’d been more disciplined about using a tripod, and that i had bracketed so that i could try HDR. As it is, i bounce back and forth between partly over and partly under exposed images. (“The rocks are great here, the branches have great detail here, rocks, branches, rocks, branches….”)

Going through the images is a lovely distraction for the evening.

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