Quick Check In For the Weekend

I made yarn from plastic bags and old clothes. It was rather time consuming — especially the cutting up the jersey and then rolling the strips up into balls — but i think i feel good about it.

I also made collage packs so i could close my collage box (but i forgot the silk scraps – sigh).

Finally, i started a LMAO.

So all of that felt creative — finding cool way to package the collage packs in some cases, matching colors, etc — but none of it really made me feel accomplished.

I’ve started another crochet project with the recycled jersey yarn (CR2006.08): a rag rug for the bathroom using Sylvian Circles from Kooler’s Encyclopedia of Crochet. I couldn’t get the eightfold symmetry to fit, but instead have a sixfold symmetric pattern.

So it goes.

(One of the folks taking a collage pack has an interesting project at : http://websites4ever.com/members/world/mkshatto/Touch.shtml. I’ll have to check in next week….

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