Acrylic & Yarn Palettes

Lat update 2006-04-29

Golden Acrylics

P  = recommended as a primary
FA = Fluid Acrylics

Yarn Stash

⊕  = sample card made
Y1: Red Heart Super Saver Fleck ⊕
Y2: Red Heart Super Saver Claret ⊕
Y3: Red Heart Super Saver Aran
Y4: Royale Fashion Crochet Thread Warm Rose ⊕
Y5: DMC Traditions Ecru ⊕
Y6 & Y7: spools of multicolored viscose⊕
Y8: Bamboo, Purple/Lavender, 100 grams, 250 yards, $13.50 USD $61.29/lb 1135 yds/lb
Y9: Organic Cotton, Green, 50 grams, 95 yards, $7.50 USD $68.10/lb 862 yds/lb
Y10: Recycled Cotton, Denim Blue, 100 grams, 180 yards, $7.00 USD $31.78/lb 817 yds/lb
Y11: Soy Silk, Turquoise/Tan/Green, 100 grams, 175 yards, $12.50 USD $55.05/lb 794 yds/lb
Y12: Stork. Five skeins blue (color 14, lot 0080) & five skeins yellow (color 3, lot 0230) $5.00 [Full Thread Ahead]
Y13: orange fun: Eden Flame (color 5254, lot 050) $2.09 [Michaels]
Y14: black fun: Eden Darkness (color 5400, lot 426) $2.09 [Michaels]
Y15: red fun: Lion Fun Fur Red (color 113, lot 10786) $2.97 [Michaels]
Y16: purple fun: Bernat Boa Parrot (color 81305, lot 107959) $2.97 [2006-03-06 Michaels] (Complements the purple bamboo quite nicely!)
Y17: purple fun: Allure Amethyst (color 04310, lot 36636) $2.97 [2006-03-06 Michaels]
Y18.[1-5]: thread: DMC Cotton perlé 3 [purple 209,...]
Y19: brown fun: Eden Earth (color 5330, lot 581) $2.09 [2006-04-23 Michaels]
Y20: white fun: Sparkle Yarn in white clear, craft yarn $1.50 [2006-04-23 Michaels] (.5 oz of plastic in white nylon)

Y21: Lion Brand Lion Suede Solid by Lion Brand; Bulky / 12 ply Polyester; 8 skeins = 976.0 yards (892.5m); Colorway: sage; Color family: Green; Michaels in California
Y22: Moda Dea Cache by Moda Dea; Bulky / 12 ply Wool, Acrylic, Polyester; 2 skeins = 144.0 yards (131.7m); Colorway: smartie; Color family: Pink; Michaels in California

YS1: crewel yarns bought on eBay without labels 2006-04-28

Bernat Boa Nouveau
100% Polyester; 50g, 1.75 oz; 71 yds, 65 m
K-10.6/6.5 hook
Washing: hand wash, dry flat,[X triangle], [Circle A]
Dalegarn Stork
100% Cotton; 50 g skeins ≈ 180 m; ∼1780 yds/lb.
No crochet notes given
Washing: 40° [C?], [iron open two dots], [Circle P], dry flat
DMC Cotton Perlé
100% Cotton; ∼5g, 15 m (16.4 yds)
Lion Fun Fur
100% Polyester; 50 g, 1.75 oz, 64 yds, 58 m
4×4 swatch with K-10.5/6.5 hook 12 sc by 14 rows
Washing: 104°F/40°C, no iron, [square with circle], [X triangle], [Circle A]
Moda-Dea Eden
100% Nylon; 50g (1.76 oz); 76 m (83 yds)
4×4 swatch with J-10/6mm hook 13 sc by 15 rows
Washing: Hand wash cold, dry flat.
Washing: 86°F/30°C, no iron, [X square with circle], dry flat, [X triangle], [Circle P]
Patons Allure
100% Nylon, 1.75 oz, 50 g; 47 yds, 43 m
Bulky-5. K-10.5/6.5 hook.
Washing: hand wash, dry flat.

Recycled Yarn

RY1: clear plastic bags, usually from food products, in a middleweight plastic film, with bright color printing
RY2: white plastic bags, usually from frozen vegetables, in a heavy plastic film, with green and black printing — occasionally other colors
RY3: black/grey bags, from drug mailings, in a heavy plastic film, with white paper inclusions
RY4: fruit & vegetable bags
RY5: silver, from Upton Tea packaging
RY6: muted blue-green cotton jersey
RY7: bright pink cotton woven with spandex