Neck Tie Crochet

Neck Tie Crochet

Originally uploaded by Elaine with Grey Cats.

This was the beginning of a test project, a proof of concept for a larger project i was considering. I used crochet thread to create a base strap — the blue stripe down the center. That then became the carrier thread when i began crocheting the short strips of scrap necktie silk (or polyester). To reduce some of the bulkier aspects, i only looped the carrier thread under the previous row, so the neck tie scraps were almost like a chain.

The technique seems to have worked, but i’m not interested in completing the larger project i had in mind with this techniqure (a phoenix costume made of neck ties). And i’m not sure i’m even interested in completing the purse i had in mind with this.

Cutting up the ties is mildly tedious.

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