My Rollercoaster Ride

On 3 May, i got some distracting news at work. it’s really where my mind is. Meanwhile, Grey-Cat.Net crashed. It’s where i host my images, and the image data is OK — i just need to rebuild some things from backup.

I sprained my wrist on Thursday doing a stretch with my cat, not at all inspired by purr-fect yoga. I’m assuming it’s mild and that my crocheting off and on this weekend isn’t too stupid.

I’ve a good deal of photos from last Saturday’s visit to Yosemite to process. Christine has her seven minute video of the visit to Mariposa Grove pretty cleaned up, already.

The last weekend in April i experimented with painting on the inside of a cereal liner with acrylics. The paint, unmixed with water, adhered fairly well to the plastic. I wanted to see if i could paint, fold the plastic in half and have the paint laminate the two sides together (with the colors of the paint visible through the plastic). The laminating process did not work because there was no way for the paint to dry. This may indicate an interesting use for palette protection. The HDPE does seem to provide an interesting surface for applying the acrylic. After a reasonable drying time, the acrylic seemed well adhered to HDPE. I’m not sure what to do with it. If the lamination had worked, i’d find the ability to sandwich the painting within the plastic compelling. I suppose i am still curious how the plastic sews up.

I did a little crocheting at Meeting for Business today on the blanket. (I also worked on the blanket just downstream of Yosemite Falls, thinking of weaving in experiences as i crochet….) On Saturday, i experimented with cutting up knit jersey material and crocheting that. I made a ball for a friend’s dog. It does seem one can cut the fabric into a narrow strip in a spiraling manner (with corners) and have it be “interesting” and not too raggy looking. The 90° and 180° turns left “tags” of fabric that would occasionally stick out. It does seem that for toys the strips will have to be pretty narrow. For a rag rug (or a dog ball), inch wide strips are OK.

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