museology: day two

Notes towards a personal Grove of the Muses

From my meditation garden mandala, i’d like to incorporate N/air/wisdom, E/water/grace, S/”fire”/beauty-courage. The W/earth/stability aspect doesn’t seem to need to be so present — except in that fundamental sense that it is only when i am stable and supported that i feel free to create.

And that, right there, is an interesting thing to consider. Should i not create when i am stressed or worried? When there is personal chaos? Shouldn’t i process that chaos through the creative impulse? Can’t i ground myself through the creative process and not require that i be grounded to become creative?

So, i can cross the plowed plain of my western garden, mounting the horse that so often meets me, and reach the mountains on the other side. I release the horse, and climb the path next to the cascading stream. The narrow gorge widens to a mountain side meadow, with southern exposture. The creek has been damed to form a clear pool. I cross on the foot bridge to the circle of nine ponderosa pines and into the grove of aspens. There is a large rustic cabinet, and inside its magic space are all the libraries of the world, any insturment, any paint, ink, paper, canvas, clay, tool….

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