museology: day three

Got *VERY* involved in my muse*ology assignment for the day [yesterday] — at least, my interpretation of the assignment. I have altered a book now. I have an old blank book from over fifteen years ago, a birthday gift from my sister. I’d started writing notes for a novel in it, and, eight pages in, the text ends abruptly. The fabric cover was quite faded.

I’ve repainted the cover with sap green — it’s in the same color family as the original cover, but brighter and deeper. I used some very cool paper from flax to replace the end paper. I glued in the card my sister made for me (“Jutith” “I hope you hav a nice Birthday.”) and a sketch i did of one of the characters.

I marked where the new book, The Book of Inspiration, began with a ribbon and a sun charm. I created a title page in Word (with decorative fonts and framing), and then i embarked on a brave altering of the book. (This step, with Eliza’s Out of Bounds II at hand.)

I carved out a window and made contoured shapes for a beach and wave in order to insert a shell and small star fish. The shell is *much* thicker than i allowed for. C’est la vie. I’ve been imagining doing that to the CDROM book that i imagine altering — it was good to get a sense of what it’s like. I think that, from an engineering point of view, cutting loose the bulk of the pages and allowing a gap near the spine would then allow a more fluid turn of the page.

I’ve one other page — black cat theme — and two other pages to glue in tomorrow. I’ve included charms that spoke to me….

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