museology: day one

I’m taking Eliza’s museology online course — and i’ll be keeping my daily notes here. She points to an online quiz about the muses, and i took that without really reviewing anything about them. I guessed right that Mnemosyne, the Titan, was mother to the muses. Urania,Terpsichore, Calliope, & Erato were easy guesses because of shared word roots (although what organ music has to do with epic poetry is a mystery to me). Melpomene was a wild guess, although i think one of the characters in Jamie Robertson’s Clan of the Cats gave away the general sense that tragedy was the association.

Completely missed:
Euterpe, inventer of double flute, muse of lyric poetry and instrumental music.
Thalia, tamborine & comic mask, muse of comedy and pastoral life.
Polyhymnia, “matron of mimes”
Clio, muse of history

Average score is 6/10, i got 7/10 — probably because i knew terpsechorian referred to dancing.

Taking the statistically annoying Quizilla quiz, i’m told my muse is Melpomene. An honest tweak easily brings me to Urania.

Your muse is Melpomene, the Songstress, the muse of
Tragedy. Her symbol is the tragic mask. There
could be several reasons she is your muse. You
could be simply fascinated by the dark and the
plethora of emotions that accompany any good
tragedy. You could also be depressed yourself,
in which case you might try working on making
Thalia your muse…

Which of the Nine Muses is your muse?
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