More Mail Art

[Unknown date. Posting with a date in early June 2006, but should research a little more. -- JEB 2007-01-02]

Saturday, two more envelopes arrived: V eye, eye looking out from Fern Post Office’s envelope and the celebration of the triple six date of the seventh anniversary.

Monday was remarkable: nothing in the mailbox but a magazine for Christine and a real estate broker flyer. Hrmph.

By Wednesday, we’d only received Loon Islands post, with (i must note the postal stamp) the oddly perf’ed Canadian stamp, and an interesting introduction to Winggo Nuttella III. Yet the week was so busy, i’ve forgotten when the API’s block of four arrived with the elegantly framed 7 and the dice.

Both the Thursday and Friday post were picked up on the same day: Jenny Groat’s dancing celebration, bufoman’s lovely graphic 7, and seven of vintage stamps, and Glitz Kat’s seven sets of seven.

- What a great idea the bonus ATCs are (but I don’t think I’ll tear them off)

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