More about shoes

So, i was wandering around the internet in a post finished object daze, and ran across this post by a crochet and jewelry artist in Austin TX. She’s celebrating her new girly shoes, which are Mohops, an absolutely fascinating concept: “rubber soling made from recycled tires, a Finnish birch plywood core, and topped with various select veneers.” The footbed becomes a screen printed work of art, and one can then lace up the shoes with an infinite variety of ribbons and laces — a DIY thing that makes me think of even crocheting uppers….

I know Christine just bought me a pair of Unswooshers (NOT girly shoes), and i have lots of slides for summer wear at the moment. But, this is far more appealing than the process of making shoes from tires i was looking at a month ago.

I have to say, Jen’s claim that “my feet did not hurt. I did not trip,” is the best sales pitch i’ve ever heard. When i look at those shoes i think, “Hurt! Trip! Break knees!”

Hopefully, Mohops will eb a wild success and by the time i’m thinking about new shoes, i can try them on locally.

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