MA2006.02.01 twenty trifolds and an artistamp

I’d signed up for the seventh anniversary mailing of the Artistamp Mailing List at Yahoo some time back. The design for the stamp and the mailing have been brewing in the back of my mind over the past couple months — but the mailing date fast approaches. So yesterday afternoon, once i was finished with obsessing over GIS data and software and GPS, i created the stamp design. I printed out twenty on cotton rag paper and on to our regular printer paper, before i realized that i had forgotten to put a denomination on the stamp.

The trifolds have a hand doodled and scanned design, augmented with images of GreyBeard and Mr M that have been used on artistamps. I’ve made a set of cork leaf stamps to add color to a doodled tree, and i made a cancel stamp from a champaign cork, a circled 7. I’ll print out an additional set of meyer lemon stamps for the “bonus” ATC, and i wrote a brief letter.

I suppose I’ll be addressing them over the week — and I made a few additional to send out to a few mail artists to whom i “owe” mail.

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