Old and New
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Hans K√ľng’s Does God Exist, Experiments in Altered Books

The binding of this 1981 “Fine Vintage Books Edition” has come almost completely off, and the pages are very yellowed. A number of pages are fairly torn, as well. Instead of recycling, it will become my first altered book. (Or collection of altered book pages….) [Frisket question at Nness]

The Edition

JEB-ATC2003.07.01 : Old and New
Frisket masking of the text circled in Higgins Waterproof Caligraphy ink, soft pastels. Page 347 of the text, from a section on “Darwin’s evolutionary thinking.” The selected text ( / a line break in the bubble; … words omitted by the bubble; | a new bubble):

man/the animal | old … faith | new … understanding | new understanding | old … faith | old faith | old faith | deeper understanding of God | deeper understanding of creation | deeper understanding

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