Cat Weave for HeyMaggie
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I have countless photos of our three Grey Cats, often doing the same thing as in a photo from three, five, seven years ago. (The digital camera is just making this even more the case.) I had taken a number of photos out of my archive boxes some time ago, so i don’t have the metadata for these images at hand. I’ll just keep this series open and add the Grey Cat inspired photo cards to the series until next year.

JEB-ATC2003.06.01: Cat Weave for HeyMaggie
She had posted about paper weaving to ATC-hub just after i experimented with it. After looking around on her site, i thought i’d try weaving a cat for her.
Mounted with Mod Podge directly on the card stock. The photo is from the Philly era; Grey Brother on my desk.

JEB-ATC2003.06.02: Cat Weave
Trying again. Another Philly era photo, but of Grey Beard. On this one i made sure all the ends were well taped and then i used Avery Permanent Glue Stic to mount it to the Flax paper sample, which was Avery mounted to the card stock. The cats all look far more golden hued than grey in the incandescent light.

JEB-ATC2003.06.03: Bright Idea
Grey Brother, Philadelphia, on desk under lamp
(multiple copies of this photo exist)

JEB-ATC2003.06.04: Super Nap
Grey Brother, Philadelphia

JEB-ATC2003.06.05: Playtime
Grey Brother
Flax papers on cardstock with Avery Permanent Glue Stic. Photo segments with Mod Podge. The tail is actually from Grey Beard! More Philly-era cats on desk.

JEB-ATC2003.06.06: Sunrise
Grey Brother, Philadelphia
(photo with star filter; several versions of this photo exist — different camera settings)

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