A week or so ago, I played with acrylics and Golden Gel Medium (gloss). I enjoyed mixing the colors into the medium — although some of the acrylics in my palette were a bit stiff — and painted over a piece of scrap cardboard (roughly 9″ square). Part of my attraction to ATCs is the ability to free things i’ve meade, even experiments, instead of hording them. So, i’ve cut out four regions as ATCs. They’re part of the Silence series because i was trying to get that same sense across, but it didn’t quite work, particularly cut down to ATC size.

I’ve taken some photos of these and will add to the gallery; the photos aren’t as good as the scans were were getting. *sigh*

The Editions

JEB-ATC2003.05.08 : Grow 1
(magenta/red slash)

JEB-ATC2003.05.09 : Grow 2
(yellow green; more translucent)

JEB-ATC2003.05.10 : Grow 3
(two toned)

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