JEB-ATC2003.03.01-10 wend their way through my thoughts

JEB-ATC2003.03 Glorified Characters

Some time ago i made some ATC cards around words beginning with W. My research notes are here and here.

The cards were lost in the mail. The images i had online were hosted on my home server, two home servers ago. (An OS change meant the library software i had been using was harder to use, life happened, haven’t put it back online, since.) So, this morning i was reading the emailed columns from The Word Detective (For Friday, June 16, 2007 — yes, i am behind), and ran across his history of the word wend.

As soon as i can find the column on his site, i’ll link to it. In brief, i was most fascinated that “wend” was essentially a synonym with “to go” and that “go” acquired the past tense “went” from “wend.”

It was an inspiration to find the scans and upload them to Flickr. I don’t know if it’s inspiration to pick up the calligraphy pen or pastels — time will tell.

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