JEB-ATC2003.03 Carolingian Research

URLs for manuscripts in the Carolingian hand. It took far too long before i finally saw that one could search the Digital Scriptorum on the script:

See image of Moutiers-Grandval Bible

See entry on “CAROLINGIAN”

States that Utrecht Psalter best known but not typical

Utrecht Psalter British Library does not have a digital surrogate for the Moutier-Grandval Bible; it does for the Grimbald Gospels.

London, British Library, MS. Add. 10546
(Moutier-Grandval Bible)
Carolingian (French), 9th Century
Die Bibel von Moutier-Grandval

Title Grimbald Gospels
Origin England (Christ Church, Canterbury)
Date between 1012 and 1023
Language Latin with some Old English glosses
Script English Caroline Minuscule (this version known to calligraphers as Cnut hand)
…Eadui Basan’s distinctive English Caroline Minuscule (known to calligraphers as Cnut hand)…

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