Octogon Reverse
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This entry has notes about the original photo series and a link to the photo album.

20030817: I spent about an hour and a half on 10 & 11. I noticed i can get the effect of tiling without slicing all the way to the vertices — thus, if two tiles from the same souce meet they can be left joined at the vertex and can be reassembled more easily.

I’m not happy with the alternations between 10 & 11. I think the squares should have contrasted with the octogons, but i initially rejected that as a choice because it didn’t mix the two photos evenly enough. This stripe effect is OK, but…

JEB-ATC2003.02.10: Octogon Obverse
Simple tiling pattern cut through two photos (taped together to the pattern). Used Golden Gel Medium as the adhesive. I don’t think it works that well with the tiles. When the paper bends, the tiles seem to come up at the edges. I touched it up a bit with Avery Permanent Glue Stic.

JEB-ATC2003.02.11: Octogon Reverse
(See #10) Birthday Card for Aunt Judy

JEB-SAW2003.02.03: Anchored against the Storm
Made into a card for Aunt Judy, from 2002.11.21

JEB-SAW2003.02.04: Bonita Light
for asdf, from 2002.11.16

JEB-ATC2003.02.12: Sea Meets Sky
Simple weave. Sky bits came from a number of different photos.

JEB-ATC2003.02.13: Baker Beach Dog
from 2002.11.22

JEB-ATC2003.02.14: Bonita Bridge
from 2002.11.15

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