Headlands Sunset
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This series uses the photos from roll 2002-11, a series of photos shot around the Golden Gate. Let me note that “Golden Gate” applies to the strait that connects San Francisco Bay to the Pacific Ocean. The Golden Gate Bridge straddles the most narrow part of the strait; on the ocean side the strait widens out into a shape like a “u” on it’s side, the wide opening facing west towards the Pacific. The bridge and the opening to the bay is where the u’s descender is, to the north. South of the bridge and running roughly north to south is Baker Beach, a sandy stretch scoured by the fast currents that speed in and out of the bay with the change of the tides. The northern side of the strait is lined with the high bluffs of the Marin Headlands. The westernmost point is called Point Bonita and is the site of a lighthouse. The southern side of the strait is lined with the mansions of the Sea Cliff neighborhood and the greens of the Lincoln Park golf course. The southern entrance of the strait is marked by a navigational light called Mile Rocks. What once was a distinctive lighthouse has been replaced with a orange and white cylinder topped with a helipad. From Baker Beach it is very hard to appreciate the scale of this marker!

Original Photo Notes

Film: Kodak MAX 400
Camera: Minolta Maxxum 5.
Developer: York Photo Labs
View original photos here.

Frames 1-4 of this roll are of a sun pillar over Point Bonita at sunset on 2002/06/07.

Frames 6-21 were taken out at Point Bonita on 2002/06/08. I was experimenting with a Cokin filter (123).

Frames 22-25 were taken on Baker Beach 2002/06/15, northward towards the Marin Headlands. I was experimenting with polarizing filters that day (circular polarizer, then with the red/blue polarizer).

Series Notes for 01-06

(Series will close when all the original York printed photos have been used up.)

JEB-ATC2003.02.01 : Ocean Twill

Two shots at Point Bonita, one with a blue filter to tint the sky (and also change the amount of light from the bright, hazy sky), one without. Aligned, sliced into quarter inch strips and woven as a twill. Tape used to stabilize the back of the weave. Mod-podge gloss applied to back of photo weave and to cardstock, wrapped in parchment paper, pressed under book. Taken out 15-30 min later to have Mod-podge appled to the end of strips that are on the top of the twill at the edges. Pressed in book again.

JEB-ATC2003.02.02 : Sun Pillar

Three shots of the Sun Pillar, assembled in narrow strips.

I’m not thrilled with the mitering job here.

JEB-ATC2003.02.03 : Sunset Twill

From the same three shots, as with Ocean Twill

JEB-ATC2003.02.04 : Sunset Check

From the same three shots, as with Ocean Twill but different weave.

JEB-ATC2003.02.05 : Headlands Sunset

Remaining strips of the sunset photo attached to cardstock with Avery Permanent Glue Stic. Embelished with Daler-Rowney Perlescent liquid acrylic (Birdwing Copper and Dutch Blue) and Higgins non-permanent black ink.

JEB-ATC2003.02.06 : Pillows & Cabbage

Photo mounted with Avery Permanent Glue Stic

The interpretive text at the lighthouse points out that the cabbage that grows wild is descended from the garden of the lighthouse keeping fmilies from years ago. The rock behind the cabbage is pillow basalt, formed when lava wells up under water.

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