Star Window 03
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(See Eliza Badurina’s ATC Trade)

I poked a bit at stars in Norse mythology when i began contemplating Eliza’s theme, but the few stories where stars come into play didn’t quite catch my fancy. I then turned to Barbara G. Walker’s The Woman’s Dictionary of Symbols and Sacred Objects. Section five, Multipointed Motifs are where i found representations of all of the window stars. Still, while Walker provides an interpretation for all the stars, it was flipping through Miranda Lundy’s Sacred Geometry that the idea to do the star windows came to mind. Not only does she have some simple ruler and compass instructions for sectioning a circle into seven and nine, she also has a diagram showing the geometric construction of a church window.

The drawings are done in Higgins non-waterproof ink with a copper plate nib labeled “426″ and some Japanese characters. The colors are Daler Rowney’s Pearlescent liquid acrylics (birdwing copper, silver moss, dutch blue, moon violet). A few of the cards are touched with Dr Ph Martin’s Iridescent calligraphy colors 12R iridescent white.

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