Handcoloring Photos

I experimented with hand coloring photos for an ATC call for altered photographs. I tried my own ideas, which didn’t work so well. The best result was using ink which turned a sky to a midnight blue. Well, i figured out a save on that. After a little reading it seemed oil pastels would do the trick. I may need to experiment more, try something like a matte fixative on the image before using the oil pastels. I’m not hopeful. I then looked at this helpful article from Michael’s and promptly drove off to our local store. The kit was over $35, and, to be honest, i have photoshop and tons of other supplies. I’d rather spend $35 on photo paper. The kit also didn’t come with the primer for glossy paper, and there wasn’t any near at hand.

I bought the photo coloring markers that were near, instead.

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