From the Mailbox

A notice about the exhibition mailparavion/avionparmail, with note of the online catalog. I’m tickled to see that my name listed; colorflymail went out late.

Of course, the image links [of mine, for this blog] are still broken. Must fix the image server [that is, my image server, which is, as of 2006-06-14 still broken]. *sigh*

I also received my first return on the collage packs i sent out, a lovely blue butterfly chunky book page (and postage) from emelengy. I hope the supplies fuel more winged flights of her imagination.

One Response to “From the Mailbox”

  1. avionparmail says:

    Hi! Thanks for the info, but the image links work well here! Anyway a little notice on the exhibition. Everything went well, lots of people showed up and the works were really appreciated!!