Dye kit (and a day’s adventures)

This weekend i pulled out my kit to see what was needed (trays for tray dying) and what i had misplaced. I don’t think i’ve technically misplaced my respirator, but it’s not in the dye kit. I expect it’s in the closet.

Over the past few weeks i’ve tied my shiburi/tie-die patterns in the rayon dresses and have been winding up skeins of crochet yarn on my experimental swift.

I hesitated this weekend to mix the dyes: it’s a very demanding week coming up and i don’t quite think i can be sure i can dye next Saturday as well. I need to make some decisions about dye intensities, quantities, and recipes, and i think i’m about ready to go.

IMG_0560Nightgown Tie patternNightgown Tie pattern

Old jeans dyebath layoutNightgown Tie pattern die lay-outNightgown Tie pattern die lay-out

Ad Hoc Yarn SwiftAd Hoc Yarn SwiftAd Hoc Yarn Swift

I did get a pleasant bit of cooking in. I’m glad i hadn’t yet cooked the baby artichokes i received in my organic box on Wednesday, because it wasn’t until yesterday morning that this recipe for a artichoke and orange salad with mint and saffron showed up in my reading list. I didn’t want to wait until i had slivered almonds and the right olives, so i made it anyway. I was in the mood for a warm dish, and couldn’t bear the thought of just draining off the saffron infused water the artichokes had been cooked in, so i added a bit of corn starch to thicken it and poured the warm dish over rice. Delicious.

IMG_0509Artichokes with Saffron and Oranges

After the cut, the dye kit inventory.

Dye Kit

To get or experiment with

  • Tablespoon sized scoop
  • Need to repair the glove which i snipped the tip of the finger off
  • Salt


2010 Pet Depot: Cat litter trays really are the best deal, especially since one doesn’t need lids. Two trays for ~$2.50 and some tray liners for the aluminum pans.

2010 Dharma: a pair of 4 oz squeeze bottles, yorker tips, and caps, duplicating, somewhat the purchase immediately below.

2009 At Michaels: purchased a kit with two bottles (2 oz & 4 oz) with a set of four metal tips, cleaning wires, and storage caps. I think these can be used for very small dyezones, probably better than the dabbing i did with the wood stirrer on the Meadow Tank Top. (Loew Cornell #724, in the fabric paint section.)

2009 At OSH/hardware store: paint supply section had paper buckets that i’ve used to hold the large freezer bags up. ($1.09/ea) “Three-in-one” measuring buckets had lids and were useful for storing dye (in the smallest) and holding water for various purposes.


Had safety goggles

[OSH] AOSafety R2000 #95190 – Woodworker’s Respirator for sanding, drywall, fiberglas. N95. Replacement filter 95191. ($21.96) Replacement filters. ($6.96)


I’m renewing my use of a large storage tub that had been holding neglected furniture staining equipments and paints.

From OSH, the hardware store:

  • Set of funnels (2.19)
  • wooden paint stirrers from near the paint service desk
  • 4 oz measuring glass ($2.49/ea)
  • latex gloves (1.49) (also had some in the furniture paint kit)
  • “comfort gloves” — the green ones with long sleeves ($2.95) (also had some in the furniture paint kit)


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