Digital Image Libraries

I will be accumulating links to digial image archives here. I have lost so many collections by trying to keep track of them in browser bookmarks — this will hopefully be a safer home.

* NOAA Photo Library:
Over 20,000 images. I found wonderful snowflake images here. To start exploration of the collections, consider the etchings of marine creatures in this collection.
Public domain, although they request credit to “National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration/Department of Commerce unless otherwise instructed to give credit to the photographer or other source. ”

* Prelinger Archives:
Moving images cleared for the public domain. If you’ve got the tools to pull a still out of one of these, you have a wealth of “retro” photographs at hand.
“Any derivative works that you produce using these films are yours to perform, publish, reproduce, sell, or distribute in any way you wish without any limitations.” Rick Prelinger is a great advocate for the Creative Commons.


* San Francisco Historical Photograph Collection:
They have some forms for reproduction and publication (which is $15) requests.

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