Desultory Results

I’ve scanned in the six postcards we bought at the antique store in Morro Bay. Two files: 051120-a-Postcards.jpg and 051120-b-Postcards.jpg .

I was able to quickly select one, select the color of the background, “select similar”, delete [to clear the yellowed background of the card], and the switch to grayscale. Flip horizontal & use the photo package selection, and, viola, a set of samples to transfer with the colorless blender. I did just that to the envelope I’m exchanging back and forth with L. I also used the grey ink i bought in Half Moon Bay a couple weeks ago. Kinda nice.

I used the eyelets to attach a postcard to card stock as the cover page for the scrapbook section on our trip to Morro Bay.

It’s fun to use the toys!

Long’s Drugs did NOT have the photos ready when expected. The do develop black and white film, though.

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