Crochet Me Mid-Issue Newsletter and other surfing

The Book Reviews are tempting. One Skein seems interesting now that i’ve got a little stash — but i’m thinking of doing the amigurumi (or Swatchies or the Shroom or finger puppets). The geometric accessory bags are cute — and enough of an idea right there without buying a book. (Must talk self out of acquisition of books before completion of projects.) Another review is for Yarn Cocktails, which fortunately doesn’t seem to have any purchase temptations but does seem to have some interesting (likely one skein) project inspirations (Copperhead). And project horrors: Toasted Almond does answer my question of what the hell Pelosi was wearing around her neck during some joint presentation of Senate & House Dems on a new fiscal plan. I can’t remember much but my horror at her necklace and how it was So Much Worse than a bad tie and was this some sort of sexist expression on my part or what.

Ahem. Somehow i got to this link about hyperbolic crochet.

The Crochet Answer Book and Crochet Bags! might both be useful.

Continuing in the recycled plastic bag trend has an entry with links to more bags: i hadn’t seen this one. And woven rug! Crocheted sandals!

Now that i’m collecting plastic bags for crochet, two things seem even more apparent:

(1) So much stuff is wrapped in plastic!
(2) Boy, crochet goes through yardage!

I continued the really rough square i started last week (CR2006.06) with the plastic bag some onion and cheese sandwich rolls came in. (Edit: Tuesday evening i added the bag Christine’s needlework stretcher came in and a Trader Joes dried soybean bag.) I’ve also started three other balls of plastic bag yarn, currently listed at the bottom of the Palettes page. It’s startling how pervasive the little bags are, not just the shopping bags, but everything inside the shopping bags.

I’m thinking about turning CR2006.06 into a bike pannier, using sections of oval-shaped plastic bottles to make the hooks to hold the bag to the bike rack. My current pannier wasn’t cheap, and i dare not leave it on the bike when i go in places. I suppose the time put into a recycled bag pannier isn’t “cheap” either….

I’ve also been using cereal bag liners to carry my lunch ever since reading this post about reusing the unrecyclable HDPE (High Density Polyethylene). Wow, is that a sturdy (but noisy) material. And now that i *see* it, i’m aware how much of it we go through in our household. It seems that it might just make a really good lining material, sewn into other projects.

Other Surfing

Interesting ideas for altered books from Maine College of Art.

Tips on using wacom tablet with Photoshop — none address my doodling desire (which ought to be done in Illustrator, i figure).

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