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Thorax of the Angel Beetle

Friday, September 16th, 2005

It appears “Angel Beetle” is the name of an album from a Japanese band. Nonetheless, i consider the phrase a challenge as i can visualizes such a thing. I believe such a creature would be in Scarabaeoidea, a superfamily of beetles which includes true scarabs and the stag beetles. Interesting notes to the False Stag Beetle have me imagining that the angel beetle might also be know as the Hotel California beetle as the innocent halo turns into nasty pincers at night….


Wednesday, September 14th, 2005

Yesterday i received the journal that will become LMAO2005.02 (see here). Gessoed the pages tonight. I think i’ll just do a pair of facing pages with black doodle and cork stamps (as i promised).

I received a Kiyotei card (will scan & share) and an invitation to October 15th (Saturday) 10a-4pm at Foothill college from Pati Bristow, who will be talking about Mail Art in the courtyard from 1:30-1:45.

While working, i’ve been listening to Gurdonark’s virtual album, Eerie Exchange Prairie Park. I wasn’t able to enjoy “Green Barrel” but otherwise found it enjoyable to listen to while working.

I’ve mainly spent the evening printing up three editions of FM2005.16 “Dad, remember, reflect” (one should be considered a proof as i adjusted the color and the silhouette of Dad afterwards) and three editions of FM2005.13 “Colorfly.” There are also none ATC sized editions of colorfly which i will likely use in making cards (but perhaps a few ATC, and perhaps as the collage element on LMAO2005.02).

FM2005.16a: proof, Gmama
FM2005.16b: Dad
FM2005.16c: Anongrrl for the Father’s Theme Post Card

FM2005.13.2a: (late) to AVIONPARMAIL

Tim Scannell

Monday, September 12th, 2005

Mail art received from Tim Scannell, a poet and mail artist. An ATC and an add-and-pass.

As i worked on the add-and-pass, it occurred to me i should keep something like blank sheets or postcards or something to use to catch second stamp impressions.
click for album

Replied with a GCP first day cover, a collection of Mr M and mariposa artistamps, ATC2005.01.02, ATC2004.02.04, and ATC2003.05.01.

LMAO2005.03 Planning

Friday, September 9th, 2005

[background] I’ll keep editing this entry as i go along.

I’m planning a dial page, kind of like in pop-up books. Yesterday (2005-09-08) i bought a huge amount of eyelets and snaps from Croppin’ Paradise. These are to hold the rotating disk.

I’m trying to figure out my duplication strategy. I’m not really sure i want to go the way of Kinko’s color copying, nor am i very confident in my color printer options.

Color tests:
[*] chalk pastels over laser printed card stock. RESULTS: the soft pastels are, well *pastel* but pleasant. The laser printing shoes through quite nicely. The frisket didn’t work so well. Don’t know if it was the paper or impatience, but it pulled up the laser printing and sometimes the paper. I was able to use the paper smudge sticks to get good control of the pigment application, so the frisket doesn’t seem so important. May just be old — it’s definitely discolored. (evening 2005-09-09)

[ ] gouache highlights on laser printed card stock

Paper options:
white and the grey, tan, green, yellow, blue card stock at hand.
the bristol i have for painting? (I think the surface is much like the white card stock, though.)

1 x	Scallop 001 Paper Shapers	$0.89
1 x	Zipper 007 Paper Shapers	$0.89
1 x	Wave 002 Paper Shapers	$0.89
1 x	Making Memories Eyelet 1/8 Variety Pack Watercolor Muted	$2.43
1 x	Making Memories Eyelet 1/8 Variety Pack Basic	$2.43
1 x	Making Memories Eyelet 1/8 Variety Pack Metallic	$2.43
1 x	Making Memories Eyelet Hole Punch	$5.39
1 x	Rounded Square Windows	$1.79
1 x	Round Windows	$1.79
1 x	Making Memories 1/8" Metallic Snap Variety Pack	$2.69
1 x	Making Memories Pewter Screw Snaps	$3.59
1 x	Making Memories Universal Eyelet Setter	$8.99

Clouds needed for background? Consider 2002 photos?

Labor Day Vacation

Wednesday, September 7th, 2005

Two collages from the airline ephemera (FM2005.15a & FM2005.15b)
click for larger view

Album Update

Wednesday, September 7th, 2005

I’ve updated my album with received pieces from Kiyotei, xxQUEENxOFxSKEMExx (snc), Racheal Fullerton, Amy Kollar Anderson (in exchange for the Mr M postcards), Angela Genusa, Troy Thomas, Neil Ornstein, and amylyn (snc).

Whew! Take a look!

I also added some of my own mail art.

Back from Vacation

Wednesday, September 7th, 2005

While i was gone, a friend sent a URL for a Quaker artist, Melanie Wiender, who has an artistic ministry: Looks like wonderful work.


Friday, August 26th, 2005

I am very excited about this University of Iowa project to recycle their retired card catalog cards into mail art. I hope i can get a good chunk of cards. I’d like to set up the common area at work with cards, paints, markers, and crayons so staff cna decorate the cards. Christine suggested i could make some RLG logo artistamps and a cork cancel for the project, too.

It’s quite possibble RLG produced some of the cards; it would be a wonderful recycling project!

“Kristin Baum, an assistant conservator in the UI preservation unit, salvaged a fraction of the catalogue cards before they were hauled off to recycling in February. Her plan for cARTalog is to distribute the 1 million cards, which represent one-fifth of the library’s total cards….

Those interested in contributing a creation may have until January 2006 to complete their projects.

Submissions will be considered for exhibition and inclusion in the library’s permanent holdings. Baum is most excited about the plans for the mail art submissions, which will be housed in an on-site collection in an old card catalogue drawer. In this way, “people can experience the act of physically paging through the card catalogue, but what they are paging through is also art.” ” —

See also:


Friday, August 26th, 2005

Nat sends a postcard of the winged serpent avatar that is also her tatoo.

My laptop is back so i suspect i’ll have received mail scans up in my gallery this weekend.

FM2005.14 Doodles

Thursday, August 25th, 2005

Instead of doodling on yellow sticky notes, i brought some 4×6 cards to the meeting yesterday and doodled on those. On one, i left frames open that i filled with cork stamp work when i returned home.

When i doodle, i do remain engaged in the meeting. Having my eye and hand busy seems to free up my mind to pay attention to listening. More meetings today….

FM2005.14.01: to amylyn (snc)
FM2005.14.02: to MS
FM2005.14.03: to Kiyotei
FM2005.14.04: to Granddad