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A souvenir Deckbill from a lovely evening -or- adventures in producing a chapbook

Saturday, May 15th, 2010

One morning a few weeks ago i wrote about the previous evening in the form of a whimsical play. Christine was entertained, and, from the following conversation, this whimsical Land Mail Art Object project was born.

First run production

One of the interesting challenges was in the layout of the booklet or chapbook. I did not find basic templates available on the web. I spent some time figuring out how to formulate the final pagination of the booklet given a total number of sheets of paper used, N, for a particular sheet of paper, m.

  Left half Right half
Odd side 2N+2(N-m)+2 2m-1
Even side 2m P 2N+2(N-m)+1

I would have done my layout in Word, because text boxes can be connected so that the text will flow from one to the next. Unfortunately, i also wanted text running at right angles to the dominant flow, and i best know how to do that in the NeoOffice (OpenOffice) Draw program. I don’t know how useful this would be to others, but here’s a template that you may use freely and adapt as needed: ChapbookLayout.odg

I looked into the prices of having this produced at FedEx Kinkos and have concluded that even with the cost of a long arm stapler, good cover paper, and another color ink cartridge, i’d be better off printing and binding them myself.

The first ten are bound and ready to post, and i’ll be producing more as i post them in the mail. My plan is to produce no more than forty. [I will update this as i complete the production.]


Artistamps Season

Saturday, June 10th, 2006

I’ve sent out two more MA2006.02.01.xx: to Deni and to the Paint Rock River Valley Postal Authority (whose artistamps i’ve received this spring).

The returns are coming in fast:

On Wednesday, i received Dr Arcane’s artistic license.

On Thursday, a mailbox full! Cascadia Artpost’s celebration of the past year’s creations, Carla Cryptic’s observation of dual anniversaries, Pine Cone Island’s collection, and Peggy’s card.

And On Friday, postcards from Inka Isles and Ballynafae!

(Reports so far that mine have been received by Isle of Rand and Arnoldia/Pondidia.)

What’s up?

Wednesday, June 7th, 2006

From the Mailbox

On Monday, I received a wonderful shipment of yarn and roving from Brown Sheep Wool Company via Eliza of Modern Gypsy. I’ll get the yarn logged in the yarn palette sooner or later: three bundles of washable wool in some natural colors that i can make critter dolls out of for drooly babies. And the incredibly soft wonderful dreamy roving (wow, i can understand the spinning addiction now) is to stuff the dolls.

Yesterday, i received a return on the collage packs: Penster made two red and black ATC in response. She mailed them in a fun decorated envelope — hmm, little grey kitties? And “Proudly Made in Canada” — and a neat ATC envelope. I’m not sure what template she used, but this one looks useful.

I bet cereal bag liners would make good material for such envelopes!


On Saturday i ended up making a candle from candle ends (which had been sitting around my desk for well over a year). I used a soda bottle as a mold, and it worked out nicely. There are the odd feet to consider , but they’re fine for my purposes. (I’ll probably keep this candle in the hearth.)

Yesterday I came home to a Levenger catalog and noted again the little 3×5 card file folders. More than a dollar each. I cut down a purple file folder to two 3×5 file folders. I have a corner rounder, but the diameter of the rounder is a little large. While i was using the cutter, i finished cutting down the 8×5 cards to more 3×5 s.

That meant i had a stack of 2×5 left over. I decided to perforate the tops of the cards with the cutter and bind them into little notebooks, using the left over file folder material as the cover.

I could swear i’d linked to a perfect binding tutorial, but i can’t find it this morning. Last night i didn’t consult the tutorial but my memory of it. I used inappropriate glue, too. I don’t think i could sell or give these away, knowing that the glue will likely not hold up under wear. It serves to keep the strips around in a convenient form. An experiment. We’ll see where it leads.

Mail Art

I did get my 7th anniversary artistamp mailing out the door on the right day, after almost forgetting. Sixteen out of the twenty MA2006.02.01.xx have been posted. I made extra to send to other mail artists or friends and faily, and i’ll continue with that. I continue to be appalled i forgot to give the stamps a denomination, and that i had such a terrible misspelling. Argh.

MA2006.02.01 twenty trifolds and an artistamp

Monday, May 29th, 2006

I’d signed up for the seventh anniversary mailing of the Artistamp Mailing List at Yahoo some time back. The design for the stamp and the mailing have been brewing in the back of my mind over the past couple months — but the mailing date fast approaches. So yesterday afternoon, once i was finished with obsessing over GIS data and software and GPS, i created the stamp design. I printed out twenty on cotton rag paper and on to our regular printer paper, before i realized that i had forgotten to put a denomination on the stamp.

The trifolds have a hand doodled and scanned design, augmented with images of GreyBeard and Mr M that have been used on artistamps. I’ve made a set of cork leaf stamps to add color to a doodled tree, and i made a cancel stamp from a champaign cork, a circled 7. I’ll print out an additional set of meyer lemon stamps for the “bonus” ATC, and i wrote a brief letter.

I suppose I’ll be addressing them over the week — and I made a few additional to send out to a few mail artists to whom i “owe” mail.


Wednesday, May 3rd, 2006

I received a mailing from the University of Iowa libraries in the past week or so, documenting their show of altered cards. It’s a reminder that provokes a little embarrassment and regret on my part. I asked for a bunch of cards to share with my colleagues to alter as we used to produce catalog cards and are engaged with the process of cataloging bibliographic data. But between art supplies that were taken within an hour of me putting them out (and not returned), several colleagues’ departures, and my inability to encourage a risk-free creative zone — perhaps even my difficulty in communicating the idea — well, turn out was minimal. I still have the few (beautiful) cards on hand (somewhere!) and will send them off very belatedly.

1st International Mail Art Exhibition in Greece

Friday, February 17th, 2006

“More than 300 art works have already arrived and will be exposed in the Cultural Center of Elassona for the 1st International Mail Art exhibition in Greece, from 25 February until the 12 March. The show will be inaugurated by the art critic, Mrs Nelly Kyriazi, the head of the Municipal Gallery of Athens, Greece. The title of the project is “Psychedelic”.”

This includes a meeting doodle of mine, FM2005.14.05.

Artistamp for January

Sunday, January 8th, 2006

I completed my Omnibus Artistamp Project submission for the theme, “Come to your SENSES.” I’m sending in the one with the 200 denomination. They’re all visible at Flickr for the time being.

The Meyer Lemon is a call to sensual awakening. The bright yellow fruit attracts the eye. The hand reaches out to touch the cool, smooth skin of the fruit, the snap as the fruit is pulled from the tree, the first hint of the sweet sharp scent . A knife to the peel, carefully cutting just the zest, releases a dance of yellow, a spray of oils with a quiet gasp, the bouquet. The Meyer lemon is sweeter than a Persian lemon, the juice bringing me cheer and comfort mixed in fresh water.

This image began with a digital photo of a lemon on my tree, taken with silver mylar reflected sunlight and a white back board. A number of photoshop filters were applied to create an appearance of etching and simple printing requirements.

Pages for January

Sunday, January 8th, 2006

Pages prepared for the Chunky Book Tip-In

MA2006.CBTI.Jan.01: Pine. A photo of a pine tree (probably Christine’s, from the photo drawer), vintage green velvet ribbon with gold back, cut into narrow strips and crocheted around the photo. Slip-stitched to a pale blue card stock margin for binding. Once i scanned it in, i added cork stamping along the card-stock margin in yellow and green.
MA2006.CBTI.Jan.02: Moss Landing CA – 2005-11-18 [photo from Roll2005.01, woven ribbon with charm; backing with cork print waves and jumping fish]
MA2005.CBTI.Jan.03: Koi-nobori at the bottom of the pool [Photo from Roll2005.03, origami paper and origami koi, charm, eyelet, cord; backing with cork print waves & jumping fish]
MA2006.CBTI.Jan.04: Koi-nobori at the bottom of the pool [Photo from Roll2005.03, origami paper and origami koi, charm, eyelet, cord; backing with cork print waves & jumping fish]
MA2006.CBTI.Jan.05: Hawk Takes Flight – Moss Landing [photo from Roll2005.01, elevated cut out with orange background cut-out hawk]

See Flickr (until i get the gallery up!)

20060128: corrected the year.

Happy New Year

Sunday, January 1st, 2006

Worked with 26 gauge navy wire (Darice craft wire) to make a round thing. The bottom chain was reinforced with a slipstich, then two rows of single crochet with a 5F hook.

I think i’m getting a crochet callus.

I’m going to post some photos from the Morro Bay trip off with the belated Yule cards.

I decided MA2006.OAP.Jan should be a lemon for the “come to your senses” theme as i find Meyer lemons to engage all my senses! I think this will also get me my lemon icon i’ve been wanting.

Last day of the year

Saturday, December 31st, 2005

Created MA2006.CBTI.Jan.01: Pine. A photo of a pine tree (probably Christine’s, from the photo drawer), vintage green velvet ribbon with gold back, cut into narrow strips and crocheted around the photo. Slip-stitched to a pale blue card stock margin for binding. Once i scanned it in, i added cork stamping along the card-stock margin in yellow and green.

PIF to “By The Sea,” with an added ATC2005.02.09 and a home-made envelope (greycat & mariposa artistamps). I was very pleased with the orange and purple colors in the stamps and addressing.

Packaged up LMAO2005.09 to send off in a 9years-9lives envelope.

Experimented with crochet and gift ribbon. Single crochet of wire ribbon sliced in half. (I was hoping for an eyelash effect, but i’d need to fringe it even more. Still — it’s a possibility.) Open stitch with curling ribbon. I can imagine making a recycled shopping bag from a collection of ribbon like that. Pretty neat.

Mid-day went to take photographs starting Roll2006.01 (TMX 135-36, 100 speed) through frame 19 at Crittenden trailhead & Crittenden marsh. Experimented with the lightweight tripod, which would fit in the new camera bag. The tripod is too short, too wobbly — more so than the aluminum yard-sale tripod. Fiddlesticks. Christine took some shots through frame 30 at La Avenida.