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Out of town and return

Saturday, September 27th, 2008

From the Mailbox: three mail art pieces. One very interesting post from Paint Rock River Valley Postal Authority with a puzzle: can one identify what butterfly would emerge from the caterpillar? Two postcards from Cascadia Artispost: Stormy Season (a bit of a tradition) and “Trenes y Vagones.”

Exposure Set: Dublin CornPhotography: I took a suite of photos at different exposures of the Dublin Corn in the Sam and Eulalia Frantz Park. [See this and this.] I don’t know what i think of “proper” exposures. Lately i’ve been stepping down. Christine says they look under exposed, and i get that, but i still like the image a little better. This seems to be a good indicator that it’s time to take a photography class.

I have heard of one answer to my frustration with exposures: playing with HDR. I found a list of software and tried FDRTools Basic. It does an interesting job of attempting to align the images and all of the adjustments, mappings, etc. I’ll give it a go sometime i’ve taken the bracketed images with a bit more precision. I tried to keep things aligned, but, oh my, what a little twist can do to making alignment impossible. I *could* use the rubber sheeting algorithms in a GIS package to align the exposures, but i’m not sure that’s a good use of time.

New tools: Mom gave me new crochet hooks from Twin Birch Products of Pittsboro, NC. I look forward to giving them a try. So far i’ve just worked with aluminum and steel hooks.

Beading: Just as i was leaving NC, i noticed the bead store close to my sister Laura’s place. She, i and W stopped there on the way to the airport so i could pick up some beads for Christine. I chose three focal beads of laminated leaves and two wooden beads for earrings. When i got back to town i had to run some errands in downtown Mountain View. I didn’t have any excuse to get more beads for Christine, but i had a string of sodalite chips and a cabochon that did not have any other beads to keep them company. So, i now have more beads, but i don’t quite feel up to the wire wrapping challenge. I don’t quite have a vision for the blue necklace, either.

Necklace for Christine: BeforeNecklace for ChristineCabochon accentsSodalite blue

In the oven: I left town for ten days before finishing my first batch of bread dough. I made a fine looking loaf when i returned, but it did seem to have gone off. I hope to make a second batch this weekend.

Artistamps recommendations: There was a long discussion about perforation practices. I am more tempted now to send sheets of stamps off to be perforated, but my general practice of cutting them out continues to satisfy me.

  • Pounce Wheels followed by use of an awl (without the awl, it seems the perforations would be slotted. I’ve a perforating wheel for my paper cutter that can do this.
  • The Olathe Poste offers pre-perfed gummed papers as well as custom perfing jobs. (1″ x 1.5″ – portrait or landscaped orientation) on 8.5″ x 11″ (or A4) papers in standard weights is $0.75 per sheet.)
  • There was some discussion about antique Rosback perforators. “The pins on a Rosback are about 1/16″ diameter. They are spaced about 14 or 16 to the inch.”

A general roundup on the topic is available at It does seem that a rotary punch could be developed for one sheet at a time. I’ll leave that for another life time, though.

This post is now plenty long: bread-baking, gardening, and crocheted toys to come.

Bead purchase notes

Wednesday, September 24th, 2008

Necklace for ChristineCabochon accentsSodalite blue

Zodiac Antiques and Collectibles, 325 Morro Bay Blvd, Morro Bay, CA 2005-11-18
Two cabochons $5: Christine’s taking her tiger eye cab as a worry stone, the other pictured above.

Rare Earth Beads, 2706 Durham-Chapel Hill Blvd, Durham, NC 2008-09-23
total of $10.14 for the focal beads for Christine’s necklace and two wooden oval beads for earrings

Global Beads Trading Company 2008-09-24
total of $21.54 and blue glass strand $11

Rising Waters Pendant

Saturday, August 26th, 2006

Rising Waters Pendant

Originally uploaded by Elaine with Grey Cats.

I have very mixed feelings about this piece. It’s made with vintage beading wire i bought on eBay. The steel wire is wrapped with a metallic foil of some sort that easily tears off on the edge of the glass beads and the crochet hook. Yet, i’m not at the point where i feel like making experimental crochet wire jewelry with gold wire or even gold plate on copper. (Or even silver.)

On the other hand, using the less precious, quasi-recycled metal appeals in the context of the recycled glass beads because, as i’ve had to admit to myself: they’re not very elegant beads. (From the Beads & Pieces order.)


I also made some looped wire for filling in with acrylic paint to make the “stained glass” look earrings, and strung up the “coral” beads with black seed beads between. Christine liked the colors, so I gave her the necklace and a set of earrings; a second set of earrings i’ve made for the Harvest festival.

wire crochet

Beads & Pieces Wishlist/Order

Sunday, May 8th, 2005

As it is, i didn’t trim this wishlist too far for my first order (yet i did get to $54). I got rid of all but one of the bottle green beads and balanced the diversity of aqua and blue focus beads. It should be plenty for Rising waters experimentation.

I’ve “coral” and bottle green and red bone beads to see what i think of the colors and quality. And i’ve a purple shell set for myself. Yippee.

	Heishi Shell Beads: blue hammershell heishi beads 4-5mm
	 1.75 		1.75 
	Heishi Shell Beads: green hammershell heishi beads 4-5mm
	 1.75 		1.75 
	Heishi Shell Beads: violet oyster heishi beads 4-5mm
	 1.75 		1.75 
	Round Beads: bottle green round recycled glass beads 7x8mm
	 4.00 		4.00 
	Round Beads: blue round recycled glass beads 7x8mm
	 4.00 		4.00 
	Round Beads: aqua green round recycled glass beads 7x8mm
	 4.00 		4.00 
	Round Beads: blue round recycled glass beads 8x10mm
	 4.00 		4.00 
	Round Beads: aqua green round recycled glass beads 8x10mm
	 4.00 		4.00 
	Round Beads: bottle green round recycled glass beads 8x10mm
	 4.00 		4.00 
	Rectangular Beads: blue flat recycled glass cube beads 20x30mm
	 5.50 		5.50 
	Rectangular Beads: bottle green flat recycled glass cube beads 20x30mm
	 5.50 		5.50 
	Rectangular Beads: aqua green rectangular recycled glass beads 12x25mm
	 6.00 		6.00 
	Tube Beads: blue recycled glass tube beads 10x20mm
	 4.00 		4.00 
	Tube Beads: bottle green recycled glass tube beads 10x15mm
	 4.00 		4.00 
	Tube Beads: aqua green recycled glass tube beads 10x20mm
	 4.00 		4.00 
	Hexagon Beads: blue hexagon recycled glass beads 13x20mm
	 4.90 		4.90 
	Hexagon Beads: bottle green hexagon recycled glass beads 13x20mm
	 4.90 		4.90 
	Matte Wheel Beads: blue recycled glass matte wheel beads 8x25mm
	 8.50 		8.50 
	Matte Wheel Beads: bottle green matte recycled glass wheel beads 8x15mm
	 5.75 		5.75 
	Matte Tube Beads: aqua green matte recycled glass tube beads 12x20mm
	 5.00 		5.00 
	Flare Beads 20x30mm: aqua green flare recycled glass beads 20x30mm
	 8.50 		8.50 
	Heishi Shell Beads: purple hammershell heishi beads 4-5mm
	 1.75 		1.75 
	Rectangular & Tube Shell Beads: violet oyster square shell beads 20x10mm
	 10.00 		10.00 
	Rice, Oval & Heishi Bone Beads: white rice bone beads 4x9mm
	 1.50 		1.50 
	Football & Oval Coral Beads: oval limestone apple coral beads 8x11mm
	 2.00 		2.00