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Airmail 100 Mail Art Invitation

Saturday, July 31st, 2010

You are invited be part of the historic 100th anniversary celebrations by creating a piece of airmail mail art and sending it to the Modesto Art Museum for the international exhibition in January and February 2011. Just follow the directions below.

Mail Art Theme: airmail, the beginning of airmail, future airmail, some aspect of airmail, faux historic airmail, zeppelins, space airmail, fantasy airmail, etc.

Format: Envelopes (letter, legal, DL, or C6 envelopes, maximum size 4.5×9.5 inches, 115×245 mm) post cards (same size limits), and stamps. We will frame and display only the side with postage and address. The postage and address should be part of the art work unless it is a stamp.

Deadline for all entries: Monday, 15 November 2010

Exhibition: Modesto, California, watch for details. Also online exhibit. Viewers and artists will be able to comment online about the art.

Documentation of Participation: on museum web site and to all adult artists

Return: mail art will not be returned, it will become part of the museum’s collection

Send Entries to:

Airmail 100

Modesto Art Museum

404 Patrick Lane

Modesto, CA 95350 USA


I did a piece with a similar theme in 2005, “colorflymail” [FM2005.13 finds the source images and JEB-ATC2005.01.03.jpg finds an ATC card]. This was when my images were hosted on my home linux server: i never found the time to resurrect the album software on one of the Macs.

Not Exactly a Call for Works

Thursday, March 20th, 2008

This came through the Map Librarian list today:


Years ago, a friend, who works at the Washington State Dept of Health,
Radioactive Division (and her buddies), invented The Society of
Radioactive Women (SRW). Their motto is _____________ “Hot chicks forever!”

The SRW intends to do fun stuff, but mostly to raise money to provide
college/university scholarships for women majoring in any science. For
example, they compile and sell a cookbook.

Anyone can be a member, regardless of gender (or anything else).

All you have to do is send a funny postcard including your name, mailing
address, and e-mail address to:

Pam Walsh
7032 Zangle Road
Olympia WA 98506

I’ve been a member for years. I haven’t put it on my resume, but _you_
could. And so could anyone. Please feel free to share this message.

Connie Manson

I wonder if i have my old radiation badge reports stashed somewhere that could be used with Los Alamos photos for a “funny postcard.” The Internet Archive archived a page about the Society from 2001.

I’ve had the potential to receive doses at TUNL, LANCE at Los Alamos, the Tandem (at U Penn), NSCL at Michigan State, and Lawrence Berkeley Lab. (I’m pretty sure dosimeters almost always came back at background levels.)

An Open Call: bookmarks by 15 Jun 2008

Monday, November 26th, 2007

From here: You are invited to participate in an International Bookmarker Art show.

The Plainsboro Library of Plainsboro, New Jersey, USA, is sponsoring an arts festival called Cultural Crossroads.
We are asking mail artists from around the world to submit a decorated bookmarker (or two!) to help us celebrate the connection and community that mail artists create by sharing their work.

We expect many participants of all ages to come see this show, and to make their own bookmarkers as they are inspired by your amazing creative addition. Lots of children from our very diverse community will both see your work, and create their own at our festival. We are thrilled to be building bridges of connection from all over the world to our corner here in Central New Jersey.

Since this theme of Cultural Crossroads represents diversity, we are especially delighted to have an international representation in this bookmarker show.

Please decorate a white bookmarker in any way you would like – drawing or painting, collage, words, or whatever moves you.
If you like, you can incorporate our theme of “Cultural Crossroads”.

Please mail back the bookmark (no later than June 15, 2008) to:

Cultural Crossroads Bookmarkers
c/o Emily Townsend
19 Sapphire Dr.
West Windsor, NJ 08550 USA

We must receive the bookmarkers before the end of June 2008, in order to be included in the show.

We will be selling all the bookmarkers to help us raise funds to build a new library.

Thank you so much for your creative participation – and if you cannot help, please feel free to pass this letter and bookmarkers along to someone who might want to!

Call for Works

Sunday, November 4th, 2007

Call for Works

Originally uploaded by Elaine with Grey Cats.

Apparently, the JFK mail handlers were a bit at a loss for this naked mail piece.

“Mirror, Mirror on the wall…” a call for participation from a school in France, Collége Maxime Deyts in Bailleul, The deadline is 17th of Dec for a exhibition preview on the 19th. I rather think i should get something in the post byt the end of November if i am to respond to Hele Cyril’s request.

The CD is a very tempting medium.

Call for Works: Crochet/Knitting 8″ square for fire relief

Saturday, November 3rd, 2007

From here:

As most of you know, San Diego was recently hit really hard this past week by some ravaging wild fires, a group of knitters has come together asking for help to create blankets for those effected. Here’s the info:

We are asking for 8″ knit or crocheted acrylic squares; any pattern is fine. We will sew the squares together into blankets. You can send completed squares to:

Georgeanne Smith
11664 Compass Point Dr #139
San Diego, CA 92126

CallForWorks: Jump Photos

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2007


Originally uploaded by Elaine with Grey Cats.

A friend is asking for photos of people (or animals) jumping to celebrate her 30th birthday. See the guidelines at Deadline is 1 Dec.

World Wide SketchCrawl #16

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2007

Out of the blue, i received a confirmation email for the SketchCrawl newsletter. I’m sure i’d registered in 2004, so i confirmed. I note that World Wide SketchCrawl #16 is coming up on Sunday 4 November, and i nominated Mountain View as a destination. I had a lovely time with RuTemple and Tamara at the Union Cemetery in Redwood City some years ago; maybe we can get together again.

And for those of you who don’t sketch but photograph or write — maybe you’d want to join in a local sketch crawl and make your own sketches.

Popular Library Mail Art

Saturday, September 22nd, 2007

From Lezbag, via CraftyPod:

I send and receive mail art and I especially like birds. Send mail art to: lezbag, 11412 NE Siskiyou St., Portland, OR 97220, USA; email: lezbag at NEW MAIL ART CALL Multnomah County Library is sponsoring a Mail Art Exhibit. Theme: Library; Deadline: 30 November 2007; Size: Postcard; Technique: any. Popular Library Mail Art, Multnomah County Central Library, 801 SW 10th Ave, Portland, OR 97204 USA. The exhibit will be displayed in Central Library, Portland, Oregon, USA in January 2008. Documentation to be determined.

This may be the perfect opportunity to address some of the retired card catalog cards from Cartalog.
mail art

Incoming Mail

Friday, September 21st, 2007

(Happy me, i just bought some interesting cardstock almost perfect for postcards)

Incoming Mail
Media: mail art postcards
Size: 6″ x 4″ or smaller – must be vertically oriented.
Documentation: a full color zine will be created following the show with the art postcards sent in and some other items from the show, and every participant will receive one!
Photos of the exhibit sent before the zine is published. Please include your postal address.
Deadline to be received: October 2, 2007

The Ephemeral Mailbox Museum
c/o Morgan Lane Gallery
1603 Morgan Lane
Austin, TX 78704 USA

PSA: Any wool crochet or knitting in progress that you could donate?

Wednesday, September 5th, 2007

Afghans for Afghans is undertaking a Youth Campaign in response to a request from Church World Service to fill 80 cartons with knitted and crocheted items to be air-shipped to Kabul at their expense. Blankets, hats, mittens, socks, sweaters and vests for young people aged 7 – 14 years will be distributed at children’s rehabilitation and health centers in Kabul and Bamiyan. These centers treat children who have been traumatized psychologically and physically by years of war and poverty. Church World Service has a long history of service in the region and works in partnership with Afghan organizations.

Deadline for the Youth Campaign is October 12 at the SF AFSC office which serves as the Collection Center. Address: Afghans for Afghans, c/o AFSC Collection Center, 65 Ninth St, SF 94303. Items must be made of 100% wool or other animal fiber to provide maximum warmth in harsh weather. Read about general guidelines and details at

This is a precious opportunity to create a lovingly made gift for a child.