MA2006.04: Américas Altered Datebook

Updated: 2006-08-04

This is a deco or a traveling journal form of Land Mail Art Object (LMAO), also announced at Nervousness. You don’t have to participate at nervousness to take a turn on this altered object, but Nervousness is always encouraged!

I have a datebook from the Organization of American States, published on glossy/coated, magazine-weight paper and wire bound. I have reinforced the covers with thin clear plastic and added an oversized cardboard insert to protect the edges.

I would like to pass it around to people who live in the Américas to collage over the calendar pages with images (created by the artist or from travel information, maps, and other ephemera) about where they live, to complement the photos already present.

The final object I will pass to a elementary school teacher to share with students. I’m not sure at the moment what the documentation of the object would be beyond scans and posts, but i’ll be thinking about it.

I’d like to not repeat states/provinces within different countries on the two continents. Once i get an initial group of five, I’ll send it off.


1. Genevieve: Québec, Canada [sent to, 2006-05-30; arrived at, 2006-06-09; sent on, 2006-06-30]
2. Etayne: Tennessee, USA [arrived: 2006-07-60]
3. thirty: West Virginia, USA
4. rubberbum: Oregon
5. Judielaine: California, USA

6. seashell: North Carolina
7. thursday: Arizona
8. sibyl: Montana

Technical Notes & Instructions

Please choose a calendar page close to the month and day in which you alter the book. If you live in the USA, please only choose one week. Elsewhere, feel welcome to choose a two week spread.

Pages are 9 inches by 6.5 inches with 3/8ths of an inch for binding.

Single week pages: 19
Spreads (two weeks): 17

If you would like to add an insert, you may, by using the hole punch template and then cutting a slit from the edge to the hole. This can then be carefully slipped over the wire bindings. Do keep in mind that other artists will be adding materials!

Feel free to use images that are clipped from chamber of commerce or travel information or maps, but use of your own images is preferred! Feel free to use the calendar slots and simply journal about your area. You’re welcome to write in whatever language is comfortable for you.

If you need postage help to send this to the next person in the list, please let me know, and i’ll help.

Planned inclusions

I’ll be printing maps of North, South, and Central America to include with the map section.

I’ll also include a table of contents in the front, listing artists and locations.

Search terms: Americas Altered Datebook, Americas Altered Agenda
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8 Responses to “MA2006.04: Américas Altered Datebook”

  1. Hi there Judith — just checking on how it’s going with the book.
    Any news?

  2. judielaine says:

    Yes, Genevieve posted it on 2006-06-30!

  3. The agenda arrived in Tennessee. Minor crease damage on front and back page, not too bad.
    Genevieves’ page is beautiful.

  4. Antje says:

    Hi — a little update from my end: the agenda is still with me, I have been working on it, but it’s been a little crazy around here. Not making as much prgress as I’d hoped. Out of town this weekend unexpectedly, so I’m looking to finish — and hopefully send– by mid next week. Apologies if that has inconvinienced anyone, but sometimes life gets in the way.

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  6. [...] I’ve some responses to personal messages at nervousness and have updated the PawPrints Page for the project to reflect folks who are interested in the next round. [...]

  7. Genevieve says:

    hi judielaine, i was just wondering if eventually you were planning on posting pics of the finished agenda?! being the first one, i’m super curious as how the other will fill it up. I know it make take a while but one can always hope, eh?! this was a way cool project, cheers!

  8. Antje says:

    The agenda has left Tennessee and is making it’s way to West Virginia.
    My apologies again for taking so long. Life gets in the way sometimes, eh?