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Airmail 100 Mail Art Invitation

Saturday, July 31st, 2010

You are invited be part of the historic 100th anniversary celebrations by creating a piece of airmail mail art and sending it to the Modesto Art Museum for the international exhibition in January and February 2011. Just follow the directions below.

Mail Art Theme: airmail, the beginning of airmail, future airmail, some aspect of airmail, faux historic airmail, zeppelins, space airmail, fantasy airmail, etc.

Format: Envelopes (letter, legal, DL, or C6 envelopes, maximum size 4.5×9.5 inches, 115×245 mm) post cards (same size limits), and stamps. We will frame and display only the side with postage and address. The postage and address should be part of the art work unless it is a stamp.

Deadline for all entries: Monday, 15 November 2010

Exhibition: Modesto, California, watch for details. Also online exhibit. Viewers and artists will be able to comment online about the art.

Documentation of Participation: on museum web site and to all adult artists

Return: mail art will not be returned, it will become part of the museum’s collection

Send Entries to:

Airmail 100

Modesto Art Museum

404 Patrick Lane

Modesto, CA 95350 USA


I did a piece with a similar theme in 2005, “colorflymail” [FM2005.13 finds the source images and JEB-ATC2005.01.03.jpg finds an ATC card]. This was when my images were hosted on my home linux server: i never found the time to resurrect the album software on one of the Macs.

To Dye For 2010: Back on the wagon

Thursday, July 15th, 2010

I am clearly wanting to “do it right” this year, compared to last year’s impulsive dive into dying. I’m not sure why, but i’ve put more deliberation into this than…. Well, i’m not sure what, when measuring duration of planning to duration of actual work. Beam time on the Michigan State cyclotron is about the only thing that comes to mind.

I’m calculating how much dye i need. I’m deploying all the blanks into target containers. I’ve documented the techniques i want to try. Am i killing all sense of serendipity, spontaneity? Am i scared of the dye?

Not sure. Tomorrow morning will tell!


So i tried making the dyes just at dusk, and i must say, i feel like i am missing dye. I seemed to just barely have 3 tbsp of purple dye, and that’s what i put in the 2c container
for the purple; i only made one red cup and one brown cup. I feel like i must have a unit wrong somewhere, but all the checking i’ve validates the concentration recipe.

Plans — from before the dye limits were observed — after the cut. (more…)