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Healthy Bread in Five Minutes a Day (HBin5) near rye bread

Monday, January 25th, 2010

I made the HBi5 brioche over the holidays, but, given other distractions, did not write about that bread. It was satisfying. I’ve had respiratory complaints for a month and have found myself resting a great deal when i’m not working, but i finally made the near rye last night.

Since we didn’t have warm tap water at the time, i brought the water up to warmth in the microwave, and then let the dough rise in the microwave still moistly warm from heating the water. That seemed to help the rise, although it was nothing like those original breads.

I made the bread as given in HBi5, with caraway seeds, and the first loaf is pleasant and mild. It was moist like the olive oil bread, and i’d learned that letting the bread cool is sufficient for that moisture to just be tender bread. The crust was fabulous.

Next time i should definitely add more salt. I also think that some of the ingredients from Bob’s Red Mill’s list for their hearty GF bread would be a delicious addition: onion powder is probably what i miss most. The recipe called for equal parts honey and molasses: i could imagine just doing molasses.

I think this dough will make DIVINE crackers. I cannot wait.

OMG – I love Lightroom (after)

Saturday, January 2nd, 2010

OMG – I love Lightroom (after)

Originally uploaded by Elaine with Grey Cats.

Christine gave me the most incredible light meter as a Yule gift as well as a longed for monopod. The monopod was something that is nigh a necessity: i’ve used my cheap tripod as a walking stick, but continually forget its use as something i can leave a camera on and walk away from. It’s necessary to steady my hand even with the light little digital camera.

The light meter was amazing: an elegant and well crafted analog device that felt wonderful in my hand. My brain, however, was unsure when and where i would use such a device. Both cameras have digital metering that have not caused me any problems, although i fondly remember using the one i inherited from my father (i have no idea where it is now).

A gentle questioning followed: i determined that the price paid for the meter was too high to have the meter just as a novelty analog device. An exchange seemed the right way to go.

I didn’t have anything in mind that i wanted: more time to deal with the backlog of images would be my main wish. I figured a new lens would be fun though, and a lensbaby for the Maxxum 5 seemed just right. (Oh, when i said Maxxum 5 to the sales dude, he responded, “Now that’s old!” — No it’s not! The Minolta i got (used) when i was in high school: that was old. The Maxxum has auto focus for crying out loud! *cough*)

I did look at the Keeble & Shuchat Photography website to see what they had: Lensbabies would be available and in the right price range. Thought about an IR shutter trigger and flashes, but that would just be excess gadgetry. The software seemed all for Nikons.

When we got to Keeble & Shuchat Photography, though, they had Lightroom. There! That! So Christine managed the exchange, noting that she’d thought about Lightroom but, well — and i am hard to shop for, i admit.

I’ve installed and fiddled with one photo, recalling Joe Decker’s ease at managing the tool. It is so much more … well designed … to use. And, in the end, i think this is the gift of more time to work with the photos i do take.

Next stop: Lightroom Video Tutorials