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Blue Spot Trees

Saturday, March 28th, 2009

Blue Spot Trees

Originally uploaded by Elaine with Grey Cats.

Last night i continued in the expressive spirit of “go ahead and just make a mess,” adding the silhouettes of branches to the Blue Spot painting. (See some section images here.) The scan seems to catch both the pigments, some contrast due to metallic/iridescent pigments, and the textured lines and patterns. It’s better than i’d managed before: photos were either too flat or too much glare. Unfortunately the scanner is too small for the full piece.

I’m still not sure what i’m doing, but that’s not the point, eh?

The closet makeover

Saturday, March 7th, 2009

It wasn’t exactly a perfect make over. The need was to replace the file cabinet with warped drawers. The cabinet is a more compact solution than the tubs, but the tubs are less likely to develop mechanical failures.

I rarely accessed the archived boxes, so shelving them deep in the corner is acceptable. It does feel neater and less like a jumble, so thats a win.

The biggest win is that getting to the files and finding things, particularly files that were way in the back of the drawers, is much easier with the tubs.

Shelving from IKEA, tubs from Office Max. Outlay was definitely less than a replacement quality file cabinet.

File Cabinet & Closet Project: Before

The drawers were nigh impossible to open.
File Cabinet & Closet Project: After