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Golden Acrylics in the Bay Area (and beyond)

Monday, December 1st, 2008

I’ve been on Tesia Blackburn’s mailing list for some time, imagining signing up for her classes and lectures but never quite getting around to it (just like the harmonica classes). Today brought her winter newsletter to my mailbox. First, there’s a Golden lecture in January, free. I enjoyed the lecture i went to years ago at Flax, so i’ve emailed my interest. She’s also doing a webinar on monoprints with OPEN — after doing my experimentation this summer, i’m particularly interested.

She also had a good tip — reminder — about using glazes. The Golden website ranks the opacity of the pigments, a good clue in keeping translucency. In my palette, Naphthol Red Light (Op=4) and the Phthalo blue (gs) & green (bs) (Op=3) aren’t particularly translucent. I could get Quinacridone Red (Op=6) and Ultramarine Blue (Op=6), but there isn’t a more translucent fluid green.