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Gummed paper for artistamps

Wednesday, August 13th, 2008

This morning’s digest version of the Yahoo group for artistamp[s] has an interesting discussion of gumming paper. There are recommendations to buy gummed paper but two “gum your own” solutions. One suggests Elmer’s glue applied with a roller, the other gelatin with a bit of corn starch. The gelatin/starch method was recommended for before making stamps, apply with brush; the glue technique was after making stamps, apply with roller. Probably a key thing to note was that the glue method is activated by an iron, so ironing those sheets flat would stick them to the surface, while the gelatin methods suggests an ironing finish step.

Both cases set out the importance of keeping the paper from curling; it seems i’d be more likely to use low tack masking tape to hold the paper flat on the absorbent surface, just because that’s what i’ve got. I’m left wondering whether i can really “sew” a straight enough line to make perforations. Someday i suppose I’ll get around to finding out.

Eric Kallen offered the corn starch method; Jim Lewis the white glue method.