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Not Exactly a Call for Works

Thursday, March 20th, 2008

This came through the Map Librarian list today:


Years ago, a friend, who works at the Washington State Dept of Health,
Radioactive Division (and her buddies), invented The Society of
Radioactive Women (SRW). Their motto is _____________ “Hot chicks forever!”

The SRW intends to do fun stuff, but mostly to raise money to provide
college/university scholarships for women majoring in any science. For
example, they compile and sell a cookbook.

Anyone can be a member, regardless of gender (or anything else).

All you have to do is send a funny postcard including your name, mailing
address, and e-mail address to:

Pam Walsh
7032 Zangle Road
Olympia WA 98506

I’ve been a member for years. I haven’t put it on my resume, but _you_
could. And so could anyone. Please feel free to share this message.

Connie Manson

I wonder if i have my old radiation badge reports stashed somewhere that could be used with Los Alamos photos for a “funny postcard.” The Internet Archive archived a page about the Society from 2001.

I’ve had the potential to receive doses at TUNL, LANCE at Los Alamos, the Tandem (at U Penn), NSCL at Michigan State, and Lawrence Berkeley Lab. (I’m pretty sure dosimeters almost always came back at background levels.)