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Stamp collecting & terrorism

Thursday, January 24th, 2008

It’s a wonderful idea: travel from state capitol to state capitol, making post cards about the state, mailing it with vintage stamps to the next state capitol.

Ramak Fazel’s “49 State Capitols”

If i did it, no one would think twice. This American citizen gets treated with suspicion and interrogation.

JEB-ATC2003.03.01-10 wend their way through my thoughts

Wednesday, January 16th, 2008

JEB-ATC2003.03 Glorified Characters

Some time ago i made some ATC cards around words beginning with W. My research notes are here and here.

The cards were lost in the mail. The images i had online were hosted on my home server, two home servers ago. (An OS change meant the library software i had been using was harder to use, life happened, haven’t put it back online, since.) So, this morning i was reading the emailed columns from The Word Detective (For Friday, June 16, 2007 — yes, i am behind), and ran across his history of the word wend.

As soon as i can find the column on his site, i’ll link to it. In brief, i was most fascinated that “wend” was essentially a synonym with “to go” and that “go” acquired the past tense “went” from “wend.”

It was an inspiration to find the scans and upload them to Flickr. I don’t know if it’s inspiration to pick up the calligraphy pen or pastels — time will tell.

My First Hat

Monday, January 14th, 2008

My First Hat

Originally uploaded by Elaine with Grey Cats.

Inspired by these Minerva Yarns 1936 directions and the toasty experience of falling asleep with the santa cap on on Christmas Eve. Unfortunately, i added a seventh increase in the round fairly early on. I’ve tucked it in as a pleat in the back — a good technical experiment. The major lesson learned is to use stitch at every increase, not just the beginning of the “row.”

Were i to want to improve this a little more, rereading the instructions i find two rounds of no increases would be welcome as the final band on the beret.

Thinking about Printing

Tuesday, January 8th, 2008

There are a variety of places where my projects hang up. Printing could be one place where i short cut. My previous research is old, and just for postcards. Note, PRICES ROUNDED

vistaprint no longer has the free card offer. Looks like roughly $35 for 100 with color back. Still a nonstandard size: 5.47 x 4.21 Matching envelopes are available with return address imprint (100 @ $22.50, 50 @ $20, 30 @ $12) or blank (100 for $5). offers a similar rate to for 4×6 postcards. No envelopes. Looks like A-6 is what they size that would fit 4×6 postcards and an Amazon search for “4×6 envelopes” turns up options. note cards 4.25″ X 5.5″ (20 @ $18, 10 @ $10), greeting cards 5″ X 7″ (10 @ $15, 20 @ $24)
6″ x 4″ postcards are .75 for a pack of 8 — vistaprint or cardstore is probably better 4¼x6 postcard 60c (100 for $60), 5×7 folded cards $2.50 (1-9), $2.00 (10-19), $1.50 (20-99) + CA tax is a little more expensive than cardstore on postcards, but probably more flexible (full color on both sides)

Apple iPhoto greeting cards are $2 each (1-24) which is better than cardstore, but not cafepress…..

printers, pod, print on demand

Valentines Mail Art

Monday, January 7th, 2008

Sheba Kitty proposes a Valentines artistamp exchange in today’s collection of messages from the Artistamp Yahoo Group.

I certainly owe correspondence to friends, Friends, mail artists, and artistamp artists — family were fortunately caught up with over Yule, but there will be birthdays….

And i’ve been meaning to do a GreyBrother definitive stamp. In fact, i’d extracted the portrait for the stamp right before Photoshop Elements went south.

I’m imagining a GreyBrother stamp, an abstract painting using tar gels, a close up of the abstract painting becoming another (specifically Valentine) stamp. This might be doable, as long as i don’t bust my hands again.

Something to think about doing, at least.

More neckties than i can deal with

Wednesday, January 2nd, 2008

Tail – complete (021110Tail.JPG)

Originally uploaded by Elaine with Grey Cats.

I”ve decided that i’m not going to do much more work on the tie-phoenix other than completing the wings and tail as they are.

So i have a multitude of old neckties that i need to give up. I could dump them at Goodwill (or equivalent) but wondered if crafty folks know of folks who might like to use them for something — should i eBay them? etsy them? In bunches of three or five of the same color scheme? I don’t know that anyone would want all of them, and I want to keep mailings manageable. Ideally i’d keep the packages under 13 oz so i could just drop off the packages, but that’s only a few ties….