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See the Flickr Image

Sunday, May 13th, 2007

It’s a different sort of digital image, but it’s still fun to work with (except when one mis-copies digits in calculations).

In other news, i finished off the lingering roll of film yesterday (Roll2007.06, i think.) with some telephoto images of a goldfinch. I should remember to use shutter speed priority when using the telephoto.

I’m loading Roll2007.07 — Kodak HD4 24 400/27° — to have ready for the next bird opportunity that comes along.

[I don't know why the post-from-Flickr failed.]

May Day(-ish) Gardening

Saturday, May 5th, 2007

Since i was out of town on May Day, the little bit of gardening for the season happened today. A trip to Summerwinds Nursery while Christine was at Foothill’s gym resulted in a red azalea for the dining room sideboard table and a variety of herbs and a few veggies.

At home, i got the last of the potting soil and mixed with worm castings. That filled a new low bowl planter — this one plastic — and a medium pot. In the low bowl i planted the six beans (I hope they’re runner beans!), dill, and two varieties of basil. In the pot went a Poblano pepper (if i recall correctly) and some sage. I pulled up most of the ginger root from the square planter, and left only two small nubs that looked like they’d sprout. There was already English mint in that planter; i added pineapple mint. In the herb planter, where the tarragon and thyme looked a little peaked, i added a lemon balm and loosened the soil a bit. I added a nice thyme to the oregano planter; Greybeard’s taken to sleeping in that planter, too.