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Carrot Pulp Paper

Wednesday, February 28th, 2007

I bought a juicer recently. At the time the refurbished Waring JEX328 was at $25 from Amazon, and that seemed a perfect pricepoint for something i wasn’t sure i’d use. (And a great deal since we could use our “prime” free shipping. Right now, there’s an Amazon vendor selling at $48 and another at $100, not available for prime shipping.)

When i made the first juice batch, i was struck by how moldable and fine was the carrot pulp. Perfect for paper making. Last night i tasted the pulp. It tastes like cardboard. So i rolled some out and i’ve mixed a little salt in some other and molded a vessel (vase? bowl?). I popped the mini-sheets in the convection toaster oven and ran around 150° for ten minutes. They feel the consistency of damp cardboard, like is used for cereal boxes.

It seems worth digging out the old papermaking kit and giving it a go. That just makes small sheets; i may be interested in a 8.5 x 11 mold.

The amount of pulp created is significant, though, and could create a *ton* of paper. I’m attracted to the thought of disposable carrot pulp bowls and plates: carrot machie, if you will.

Skimming resources, it’s clear that there are plenty of additives to make things “better” but i think i’ll start with just the pulp and see what happens. I initially thought that i’d want to add sizing (a starch, white glue, or gelatin — not rosin-alum because that degrades into the “acid” that makes papers age) to reduce ink bleed. But it seems like it might be better to add a surface treatment after making the paper: painting with a gelatin or white glue or starch mix, or using the calligraphy rosin.

It seems more likely that i’d need to treat the paper. After reading a great deal about boiling plant materials with ash (but never why), this resource explains that the soda or simple wood ash is to remove the lignin — another acid causing substance.
I thought it was to simply make pulping easier.

Reading notes follow.

Roll2007 Film notes!

Tuesday, February 27th, 2007

On our recent trip i started my first rolls of 2007 (January wrapped up the last roll of 2006).

Roll2007.01 * Kodak 400 * 2007-02-24 * Landry’s in Tampa for Grandmámá’s 90th
Roll2007.02 * Kodak 400 * 2007-02-25 * Tarpon Springs and Manatees
Roll2007.03 * Kodak BW400CN * 2007-02-25 & 26 * Tarpon Springs & Honeymoon Island
Roll2007.04 * Kodak Select Royal Gold 200 * 2007-02-26 * Honeymoon Island
Roll2007.05 * Kodak 400 * 2007-02-26 * Honeymoon Island

[I think i shot some of Roll2007.06 on this trip, Kodak 400. Only development will tell -- 2007-05-14]