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Some photo development notes

Sunday, November 26th, 2006

Roll2006.06, Kodak TMAX 100 (TMX 135-36) , shots of Yosemite and James Fitzgerald Marine Reserve tide pools, developed in the last few weeks by Wolf and digitized. $10.78

Roll2006.07, very old Kodak Select Royal Gold 200, 24 exp, shots of James Fitzgerald Marine Reserve tide pools, developed and printed in NC at Wolf, digitized by Wolf locally (same CD as rolls 8 & 9)

Roll2006.08 and Roll2006.09, new 400 speed film, shots of Bath County, Virgina, 2006-10-28, developed and printed in NC at Wolf, digitized by Wolf locally (same CD as roll 7)

Roll2006.09, new 400 speed film, shots of Big Basin, developed and digitized by Wolf this weekend. $11.68

Roll2006.10, new 400 speed film — same film purchase as 8-10 — Big Basin and still in camera. I need to make sure to get the film make noted before developing this roll!

Yahoo Groups

Sunday, November 26th, 2006

I was at Yahoo Groups for another reason, but decided i would post a note about my absence in the artistamp, non_cents, and iouma mailing lists.

Dear Artistamp Friends,

I admit i was a lurker when i was “active.” I’ve been overwhelmed for some months, and still don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. I haven’t been reading the list recently, deleting upon arrival, so i’m going to save a bit of bandwidth and go to no messages for a while.

I miss making artistamps and look forward to finding myself suddenly back in the groove!


judith aka judielaine

Recycled Candles, again

Sunday, November 26th, 2006

A month or so ago, I wrote about not being able to get my recycled candles to burn well enough. I gave my attempt one more try with two innovations.

The first innovation was melting the wax in a recycled cereal bag. This worked very well. The plastic withstood the boiling water, the wax melted within, and cleanup was quite easy. I’m not sure how often one could use a bag over. I think i threw it out.

The second innovation was to use multiple wicks in the votive jars. Two wicks seem to burn off the wax at a rate that keeps up with the melting, so the wick doesn’t drown. The candles do burn down quickly, but also are quite bright.

A pleasant discovery in the waning light of the year.

Birthday Cat

Tuesday, November 7th, 2006

Birthday Cat

Originally uploaded by Elaine with Grey Cats.

Inspired by PhotoJoJo…
with additional help from
this color palette tool

I made a VERY LARGE version of this image for my nephew. I get to print and cut and then start mailing pieces to China….

It’s probably not that interesting at high res, but for a three year old, i think it will be OK.

Crochet work

Saturday, November 4th, 2006

Crochet work

Originally uploaded by Elaine with Grey Cats.

I noticed the pile of mending and, not feeling well after a late work night, i puttered with yarn.

The yarn is from a stash of crewel work yarn i purchased off eBay. It required lots of dealing with ends, but worked out OK.

The motifs were to cover some holes worn in a pair of Christine’s jeans. Star? Flower? Pentagon? Not too cute or “sweet.” I would have done one more round with picots emphasizing the points to make it more star like, i think, but she liked the simplicity of this.
The "shaft" of the arrow was one long chain, then sc around. The arrow was ad libbed single crochet decreases, but turned out OK.

I noted the hem was fraying a bit, so i did a blanket stitch on which i hooked in to make a row of single crochet. "Behind" the sc i used a slip stitch to connect the picots.