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Some time spent with hooks

Monday, September 18th, 2006

I’ve often looked at shrugs and just not “gotten it,” but it occurred to me this weekend that a shrug would be a perfect bed jacket to wear while sitting up and reading. Best part is only Christine will ever see it, so i can practice in making it and get utility out of it, even if it’s horrible.

I still need to get the baby blanket done (argh!), but i spent some time this weekend on making plastic yarn and then doing a row around the plastic tote. I’m not sure it’s going to bee a bike pannier at this point, just because i think i can get more utility out of a shopping tote. We’ll see.

I also experimented crocheting earrings to go with the green and gold necklace. The harvest festival is fast approaching!

Crochet Me Fall 2006 Issue

Saturday, September 16th, 2006

This may be just the right “first sweater” pattern for me, assuming i ever get through the baby blanket. It seems from the article that the pattern gives all the guidance for making the general sweater, not a clone of a particular sweater.

The article on adding trim to thrift store sweaters is also inspiring. Of course, my problem with thrift store finds is not the tops but the bottoms. Crochet side panels in skirts so the fit better? Nah, i really need to get the sewing machine out if i’m headed in that direction!

The Fat Kitty toy is cute. I need to work on that wool stash i bought from Eliza for my nephews!